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Kate Meader's Hot in Chicago Series Spotlight, featuring Melting Point

Melting Point (Hot in Chicago, #1.5)
by: Kate Meader
Series: Hot in Chicago
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 31, 2015
Source: Publisher ~ Simon and Schuster: Pocket Books

Things are heating up at Engine Co. 6 in this original e-novella from Kate Meader’s sizzling Hot in Chicago series! Superhot playboy firefighter Gage Simpson has one particular man on his mind: Brady Smith, a recalcitrant, moody chef who makes Gage melt from the inside out. Features a sexy sneak preview of Playing with Fire!

Firefighter Gage Simpson has it all: the job of his dreams, the family of his heart, and no shortage of hot guys lining up to share his bed. “Fun and easy” is his motto—and it’s kept him sunny through a painful upbringing and steered him away from trouble. But when trouble comes knocking in the form of a sexy, scarred, tattooed chef with a harrowing past and zero communication skills, Gage can’t help but be drawn to the flame.

Brady Smith isn’t fun. And easy isn’t in his vocabulary. When cocky Gage swaggers into his restaurant kitchen, the former Marine-turned-five-star-chef is blindsided by the firefighter’s beauty. Then confused that this golden guy with the sparkling blue eyes and the body of a god might be interested in him. As desire flares and temperatures rise, Gage and Brady will have to figure out if the heat between them is just a temporary flash—or the beginning of something real.

Check out this sexy excerpt from Melting Point

Under Gage’s healing hands, years of pain and loneliness sloughed away with the soapy water down the drain. For these few stolen moments, Brady would luxuriate in the sensual comfort of another man’s touch. Not just any man. This perfect man.

But he needed more. He didn’t have the words to describe what, exactly, and maybe they weren’t necessary because he had the word. The only word that mattered.


Craving an anchor, a closer connection, he reached behind for Gage’s hip and encountered . . . fabric. He was still wearing his boxer briefs.

“Wh—why aren’t you naked?”

Gage’s growl reverberated against his ear. “This sliver of wet cotton is the only thing stopping me from drilling that gorgeous ass of yours, Brady.”

Oh, God. On a chest-filling groan, Brady stepped back, seeking Gage’s cock. Found it. Said hello, there with a humping grind into all that rock-hard, cotton-covered magnificence.

“Fuck,” Gage gasped, pausing his hand on Brady’s chest midscrub.

Both of them stilled as the sensual landscape was rearranged. Brady held his breath. Had he gone too far? Expected too much? Was Gage really here to get Brady clean?

All questions were answered when their bodies restarted as one in a slow, erotic grind. Brady’s ass cuddled against Gage’s hard-on felt so good, the barrier of the wet cotton a delicious friction as Gage’s cock stroked between Brady’s ass cheeks. The steamy cocoon added to that spaced-out feeling that they were lost in a carnal world made for two.

“First time I saw you was from the back,” Gage husked out. “First thing I saw was this neck tattoo.” The slightest brush of Gage’s lips across the smoke curl tattooed at the base of his skull made Brady shiver, even in the misty heat.

“I wanted to kiss it, map it with my tongue, know all its secrets.” He pressed his mouth to Brady’s neck more insistently, as if he could draw some deeper knowledge with that simple touch. There was something almost pure about it, an innocent contrast to the dirty friction below their waists.

“Tell me about it.”


“This tat. Why smoke?” Grasping Brady’s hips, he halted the motion of Brady’s ass rubbing against all that amazing hardness. Brady tried to move, to get back to grinding on Gage, but the bastard held him firm. The change-up was sheer torture. Was he seriously demanding a conversation in payment for every second of pleasure?

“Tell me,” Gage ground out when Brady still hadn’t given up the goods. He sounded like he was in pain. Brady took some small comfort that he wasn’t alone.

“It’s—it’s more common for people to get fire tattoos. Symbols of passion, transformation, change. But I wanted smoke because it’s what remains. After the fire, after everything is destroyed, you’re left with smoke and ash. You’ve gotta make somethin’ out of it.”

“And have you? Made something out if it?” Gage dug his fingers into Brady’s hip, almost imploring.

“I’m tryin’. It’s slow goin’, one step forward, two steps back, but I’m tryin’.” Even if it took being high on pain meds to get him into that headspace.

“Trying’s good. Trying’s sexy,” Gage murmured against Brady’s ear. “Now try telling me what you need.”

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Kate Meader writes sexy contemporary romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines who can match their men quip for quip.  Originally from Ireland, she now makes her home in Chicago, a city made for food, romance, and laughter - and where she met her own sexy hero.

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  1. Kate Meader's books have been on my TBR list for a while but I haven't been able to start her series. I have the first book in this series and I always love a good fireman story!

    1. I love Kate! She always has me laughing and she brings sexy.


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