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Review ~ DREAM A LITTLE SCREAM by Mary Kennedy

Dream a Little Scream (Dream Club Mystery, #2)
by: Mary Kennedy
Series: Dream Club Mystery
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Release Date: August 4, 2015
Source: Publisher ~ Berkley Prime Crime

The national bestselling author of Nightmares Can Be Murder once again gathers together the members of the Dream Club in Savannah, Georgia, where the book tour of a famous chef becomes a recipe for disaster…

Behind her down-home folksy persona, celebrity chef Sonia Scott is a real Dixie diva who’s made plenty of enemies in her climb to the top of the culinary world. One of them is the newest member of the Dream Club, Etta Mae Beasley, who claims Sonia stole her family’s recipes and used them in her latest cookbook.

After Sonia’s suspicious death from anaphylactic shock at a book signing held at Taylor and Ali’s retro candy store, Etta’s revelation sows seeds of doubt in Taylor Blake’s mind. Now the Dream Club needs to put their heads together to determine if one of their own decided to give the chef her just desserts…

Savannah, Georgia is all abuzz when celebrity chef Sonia Scott arrives in town to film a television taping.  Sonia seems nice and personable when the cameras are on.  But when they’re off, she’s a totally different person.  When there is a mechanical issue with her private plane, Sonia wants to use the time to do additional publicity for her new cookbook.  Oldies But Goodies, the retro candy store owned by Taylor and Ali Blake seems to be the perfect place.

In order to pack the store, Taylor and Ali invite the members of their Dream Club group to attend, including two new members.  The signing seems to be going well, when to everyone’s shock, Sonia has an allergic reaction and dies.  Now, people are avoiding Oldies But Goodies and Taylor enlists the help of the Dream Club members to look for clues and help find who killed Sonia.

Dream a Little Scream, the second book in Mary Kennedy’s Dream Club Mystery series marks my first time reading one of her books.  I had absolutely no problem jumping in and losing myself to the mystery of dream interpretation and trying to solve the whodunit.  Mary Kennedy is a clinical psychologist and I have to say, I find the series to be very intriguing.  Yes, I know this is just a book, but I was in awe of the members dreaming about the case when they didn’t have the details before hand.

Mary has written a wonderful story that will leave you guessing as to who actually killed Sonia.  She throws in just enough additional information and twists to have you second guessing yourself.  While I really enjoyed Dream a Little Scream, I did have some minor issues with the book.  First off, Oldies But Goodies is branching off from only selling candy to selling desserts and sandwiches.  I would have loved to have had one of the recipes to try from all the delicious treats mentioned in the book.  Yes, the descriptions made me hungry.  Secondly, I picture Taylor and her on again/off again boyfriend, Noah, to be between the ages of 30 to 40 years old.  No one under the age of 40 uses a flip phone.  But yet, a former professional and a former FBI agent seem to.  I just find that hard to believe.

Bottomline, Mary Kennedy has a new fan in me.  I’m really looking forward to more of the Dream Club Mystery series.

**Received a copy from Berkley in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 4

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  1. Sounds good! The dream interpretation idea is always so interesting.

    1. I was seriously amazed how the characters used dream interpretation to solve the case. There's also a little section in the back of the book telling you what some of the most common dreams mean.


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