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Karen Rock's HIS KIND OF COWGIRL (Interview & Giveaway)

His Kind of Cowgirl
by: Karen Rock
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin ~ Heartwarming

Would he still love her…if he knew?

Tanner Hayes smashed Claire's life to pieces when he chose the rodeo over her ten years ago. And now he'd wrecked her truck! Fantastic. She'd lost her husband, the family ranch was mired in debt, her father was recuperating from a stroke and her son was being bullied. Why not throw a reckless bull rider into the mix?
All she'd wanted was a safe, stable life. But with Tanner back in town—and staying on her ranch—nothing was safe, or under control. Not the feelings she'd fought so hard to forget. Not the son she was determined to protect. And certainly not her long-held secret…

Everything happened at once and in slow motion.

A crushing jolt shuddered through the truck. Her wheels skidded sideways. She smacked against the window when her pickup rolled down an embankment, as if punched by something large and lethal. Glass rained deadly sharp. The earth tumbled around her, her truck in spin cycle. When a massive tree loomed, the Chevy slammed into it then stilled.

Winded and stunned, she hung upside-down in her lap belt, blood, metallic and warm, on her tongue, a rushing sound whistling in her ears. Her heartbeat changed and grew slow and rolling in darkness. Something hurt, a long way away. Then nothing.

“Ma’am. Ma’am. Are you all right?” A man’s voice shouted, rousing her. She tried turning her head but pain held it in place. When she opened her mouth, silent panic flew out.

“Hold on. I’m getting you out of there.”

Acrid smoke pierced her consciousness. She closed her eyes against the billowing grit.
This wasn’t happening. It was a dream. No. A nightmare.

A tugging motion jerked her right and left, followed by a ripping sound. Large hands halted her sudden fall.

“Got you.”

Her rescuer cradled her against his chest, his breaths heaving beneath her ear. After carrying her some distance, he lowered her slowly to the ground. Grass scraped against her stinging cheeks and she opened her eyes.

“What?” she croaked, then swiped at the trickle leaking from her mouth. A man wearing a cowboy hat hunched over her, his features blurred.

“You’ve been in an accident. We have. Our trucks collided in the intersection.”

“My truck!” She bolted upright and clutched the swirling ground.

An arm snaked around her back and eased her down. “I called the dispatcher. The fire department’s on the way.”

A wail sounded in the distance and Claire wanted to shriek with it.

Her special day. Her anniversary. Ruined. No. Demolished by this…this…

She squinted upward and focused. A dark swirl of hair brushed across the tall man’s forehead; a light scar zigzagged down his square jaw. Recognition zapped through her.

It couldn’t be…


“Hello, Claire.” His mouth went up, just a fraction—the same ready-for-anything smile that had once undone her.

She closed her eyes, heart thudding. Ten years since she’d vowed never to see him again…and now here he stood, two for two in wrecking her life.

Hi Karen. Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews.
Thanks so much for having me and His Kind of Cowgirl today!
You’re so welcome!  Tell me about Tanner Hayes and Claire Shelton.  
Tanner Hayes is a three times world champion bull-riding professional who grew up struggling through school with ADHD and never thinking he’d amount to much. When he had the chance to join the Elite bull-riding tour, he jumped at it as a way to prove himself, and he couldn’t accept his girlfriend’s ultimatum, her or rodeo, ten years ago. Claire’s a widowed single mother who’s grappling with how to be mom and dad to her withdrawn son who’s been struggling ever since his father didn’t come back from Afghanistan. She used to be a daring barrel-racer back when she and Tanner met, but after a life-threatening accident on a horse, she became much more cautious. Now that Tanner’s back in her life, she’s beginning to think she might be ready to take some risks for a second chance at love.
Sounds good.  What do you love about this couple?
I love that they both need second chances, not just in love, but in life. Tanner’s shoulder injury means he may never ride a bull again. Since he’s thought, for so long, that rodeo was all he’d ever be good at, he now has to discover other things he’s good at, including being a father-figure to Claire’s son. Claire also needs a second chance to get her life figured out. After her husband dies, the man who stepped up and became a father to the child Tanner, unknowingly, left behind ten years ago, Claire is lost. Her husband led the way and Claire, having become overcautious since her accident, was content to follow. On her own now, and her past thrown in her face when Tanner reappears in her life, she’s challenged to reexamine who she is and discover how she can step up and save her father’s ranch and herself. By growing individually, Claire and Tanner, become the people they need to be in order to find lasting love this time around.
This is a Harlequin Heartwarming book, thus, I'm assuming there are tender moments, which could potentially bring tears to one's eyes. Did you find yourself crying, while writing story?
How did you know? Lol. I definitely cried while writing two scenes in particular in this book. As my editor would say, have your tissues ready. (smiles)
So noted.  What do you hope readers take away from His Kind of Cowgirl?
I hope readers take away that we all deserve second chances in life and love. Just because we’ve always done things one way doesn’t mean that’s the best way. The future is never a given and change only happens if we’re willing to takes risks. In Claire and Tanner’s case, they had to risk opening up their hearts and taking a chance on getting hurt again, to find their HEA.
I was surprised to learn that you and Joanne Rock were sister-in-laws. What does your family think of having two award winning authors in the family?
I ♥ Joanne! We are actually YA romance co-authors, writing as J.K. Rock, as well. Our family is so supportive of us and proud. Our mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law are big romance fans. It’s such a thrill to be able to give them our latest books!
Awesome.  Thank you so much for joining me today, Karen.
Thank you! It’s been a pleasure to meet everyone. (smiles) To learn more about me and my books, please stop by my website at

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Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary romance author. She holds a master's degree in English and was an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time writer. Currently she writes for Harlequin Blaze and Harlequin Heartwarming. Her novel, A LEAGUE OF HER OWN, won the 2015 National Excellence in Romance Fiction award in contemporary romance series and the 2015 Bookseller's Best award for contemporary romance, long.

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  1. Thank you for featuring Karen and HIS KIND OF COWGIRL!

    1. You are more than welcome. I'm looking forward to reading this book!

  2. Hi, Kim! Thanks so much for hosting me today on Read Your Writes. I <3 your blog :)

    1. Hi Karen.

      You're very welcome. Thank you so much for the interview and stopping by.

  3. Hi, Kim! Thanks so much for hosting me today on Read Your Writes. I <3 your blog :)

  4. Great interview. I loved the excerpt and Karen's description of the book. If she cried writing a couple of the scenes, I've just got to read it. ( :

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading the interview. Man, I always shake my head, when an author says they cried. I just keeping thinking, great, I need to make sure I have tissue and my family isn't around.


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