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Spotlight & Giveaway ~ THE WEDDING CHAOS by Isabel Micheals

The Wedding Chaos (The Blakes, #1)
by: Isabel Micheals
Series: Four Weddings and a Fiasco (Kindle World)
Genre: New/Young Adult, Sweet Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 4, 2016
Publisher: Kindle Worlds

When a momzilla crosses a frustrated bride-to-be, chaos ensues…

Nancy Blake has dreamed of her daughter having a fairy tale wedding fit for a Princess since Lilly was born. However, Lilly and Trevor want to be married soon and with as little fanfare as possible. How will Nancy be able to carry out her plans for the wedding to end all weddings, you ask? She enlists the services of Rose Knight, owner of The Rose Chalet, San Francisco's premier wedding venue.

But as the big day approaches, tension between mother and daughter escalates, nearing the point of no return. Will they be able work out their differences before Lilly and Trevor walk down the aisle? Or, will the bride and groom make a run for Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator?

Warning: This fairy tale contains an overwhelmed bride one-step away from wearing prison orange; a prince charming who sticks his foot in his mouth; and a momzilla who continually forgets…she’s not the bride.

The Wedding Chaos is based on the wonderful characters found in Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings and a Fiasco series.

The next morning, Lilly felt like she had been run over by a Mac truck. Not to mention the constant ringing in her head that wouldn’t stop making her nauseous. “Trev, what’s that awful noise?”

“Hmm. I don’t know. I’m thinking the phone”

“Whatever it is, make it stop.”

Trevor reached over and knocked something off the night stand. Lilly wasn’t sure what had bitten the dust and didn’t care. All she knew was the annoying ringing in her head had finally settled. Now, it was just a dull ache. “What was I thinking last night and why did I go along with Mac’s idea of doing shots?” was the only coherent thought flashing through her brain-literally.

Just as Trevor and Lilly settled back into a blissful sleep, there was knocking on the door that quickly escalated into banging. In an effort to ignore the insistent intruder, Lilly finally yelled, “Go away.”

“Not a chance, sweetheart. Lilly Anne Blake it’s time to get your butt out of that bed.”

She knew that voice; had been hearing it her entire life. It was her soon-to-be ex best friend. The same best friend who encouraged her to drink one more shot last night at the club.

“Remind me to kill Mac when this is all over,” Lilly said to Trevor as she slowly, painstakingly got out of bed and answered the door.

“Why aren’t you ready yet? We have things to do. Chop. Chop. Lil,” Mac said, smacking her hands together.

“Have you lost your ever-loving mind? I don’t wanna chop, chop. I want to go back to bed.”

“We all wanna go back to bed, but that’s not happening. It was either me or your mother knocking on your door. I volunteered to save you the embarrassment I’m looking at now. Did you not hydrate before you went to bed?”

“What?” Lilly said, looking confused.

“Never-mind. There’s no time for this. Go get a shower while I order you some coconut water. Be sure to put on plenty of moisturizer so you’ll look refreshed instead of like a woman who’s had her head bashed in.”

“Ladies. Quiet,” Trevor yelled from the other room.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Brodie’s on his way up to get your sorry butt out of bed as well. So enjoy the rest of your nap while you can.”

“You’re killing me, Mac,” Trevor whined.

“Not yet, but I’m doing my best.”

When Lilly emerged from the shower thirty minutes later, Mac handed her two aspirin and a glass of coconut water. “Here. Drink. It’ll stop the pounding in your head, which means you’ll want to kill me less.”

“I highly doubt that, but I’m willing to try anything right now,” Lilly said before drinking the glass of water in two long gulps. “Wow. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was.”

“I know. Here. Drink some more,” Mac said, refilling her glass.

“Thanks, Mac. But you do realize turnabout is fair play. I’m going to remember all of this when it’s your time to walk down the aisle. Just saying!”

Laughing, Mac said, “Since that’ll be never, I think I’m in good shape.”

“If that’s what helps you sleep at night, keep telling yourself that. Maybe one day you’ll believe. I can’t wait until the man of your dreams sweeps you off your feet. You’ll never know what hit you.”

“I thought we were best friends. Stop jinxing me. Besides, just because you’re lucky in love doesn’t mean everyone else wants to be.”

“That’s nonsense Michaela Grace Westbrook. Whoever you end up marrying will be one lucky hunk of a man.”

“How do you know he’ll be a hunk?”

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? You’re gorgeous. If I weren’t straight, I’d date you,” Lilly said with a laugh.

“It’s not too late for me to knock Trevor out of the picture,” Mac said with a devious smile.

“Hey, I heard that. Find your own soul mate and stay away from mine, Mac” Trevor said, walking into the room and pulling Lilly into a kiss. “How much time do I have before my brother arrives?” he asked.

Just as Mac started to answer, Brodie was banging on the door. “Trevor, get up and unlock the door.”

“None,” Mac responded with a smirk.

Trevor released Lilly, shook his head in dismay and walked into the living room to open the door for his brother.

“What took you so long?”

“I knew it was you,” Trevor replied in a sarcastic voice.

“You know you love me. Now go get dressed,” Brodie countered, unfazed by his brother’s sarcasm.

“Bossy much?”

“Damn straight. That’s what older brothers are for?”

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After years of reading romance novels and getting lost in characters’ worlds, Isabel Micheals finally decided to try her hand at writing. Inspired by Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings and a Fiasco, she summoned her courage, got to writing, and submitted her first novel, The Wedding Chaos, to Ms. Kevin’s Kindle World. Now she’s been bitten by the writing bug and hopes to make a career of it. Isabel encourages you to join her on this amazing and exciting journey as the characters in her head come to life.

In addition to her creative side, she’s a geek who loves being whisked away into alternate realities, whether it be contemporary, new adult, young adult, historical, paranormal, or real life. Everyone has a story, so be sure to drop by often and see which stories are keeping Isabel up at night, as she pounds away on the keys writing her next book.

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Isabel is offering up two copies of The Wedding Choas from Amazon.  Good luck!



  1. I can't say I had any wedding mishaps. but we sure had some worries. My husband's brother and sister-in-law were in the wedding and we didn't even know if they would show up because they got some kind of attitude towards us at the end. Plus his mother didn't show up for the rehearsal dinner because she decided to go to a play with her friend instead and she left the wedding early without even saying goodbye. I guess that could be considered a mishap.

    1. What the heck?????? That's crazy. Talk about stress!

  2. No real problems except now we aren't together!

  3. We bypassed a big wedding and we were married at the courthouse. No mishaps and many great memories of the day.

  4. I haven't had a wedding yet, but I presume there will be some sort of mishap... that seems to be the norm!

  5. I think the small run off and get married weddings are generally the easiest. I had no problem with my wedding.

  6. Oh we did...we had taken our car to the hotel before the wedding with all of our stuff in it. When we got done with our reception about 1am...Hubby...realized he left our car keys at the church. Haha...The church was locked and we could not get our keys until the morning. So, the best man took us to the hotel...they were all staying there too...but we had nothing...but our clothes from the wedding!


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