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5 Stars for A DARE WITHOUT REGRET by Wendy S. Marcus

A Dare Without Regret
by: Wendy S. Marcus
Series: Dare to Love (Kindle World)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 6, 2016
Publisher: Kindle Worlds

Ryan Monighan is one of the most popular players on the Miami Thunder Football Team. An all-star running back, he always makes time for his fans. They want a picture? He smiles pretty. An autograph? He’s always got a marker handy. Sex? If she turns him on, then heck yeah! Too bad the only thing sexy, sassy Kiley Ivers wants from him is the one thing he will not do for a fan. And she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Kiley Ivers is barely keeping it together. After losing her family in a tragic car accident, she’s left alone to run the family bakery and care for her thirteen-year-old nephew, Tyler. The sole survivor, he’s stuck in the hospital, depressed and in pain. And Kiley will do anything to get his favorite football player to stop by for a visit to cheer Tyler up. Even go out on a date with him.

When things heat up between them, Kiley is on board with a short fling, as long as Tyler doesn’t find out. She plans to be a respectable guardian for her impressionable young nephew. Unfortunately, nothing in Ryan’s life stays secret for long.  
Wendy S. Marcus returns to the Dare to Love Kindle World series for the second time with A Dare Without Regret.  This time, Miami Thunder Wide Receiver Ryan Monighan is looking for love.  Well, he’s not exactly looking for love, but an encounter with strong minded, sassy Kiley Ivers is about to change his mind.

For the past two months, Kiley has barely been keeping her head above water. After losing her whole family, she is running the family bakery business and finds herself the sole guardian of her thirteen-year-old nephew Tyler.  Things for Tyler haven't been going so well and Kiley is hoping Ryan can change things around for him.  

Kiley has tried for weeks to get Ryan’s attention to no avail.  She now refuses to take no for an answer.  When his hand is forced, Ryan ends up meeting the one woman who can change his life.

I really liked Ryan when he appeared in his brother's book, A Dare with Consequences.  I desperately hoped he would get his own story and I'm so happy he did.  Kiley is the perfect heroine for this playboy.  She doesn't give him an inch. She could care less about his celebrity when it has nothing to do with lifting her nephew’s spirit.  Their attraction is immediate.  Their intimate moments are good, but it’s their verbal back and forth interaction that shows how good these two are together.

A Dare with Consequences and A Dare Without Regret are both stand alone reads, but once you read one, you're going to want to read the other.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 5

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Discover Ryan’s twin brother Ren in A Dare with Consequences

You can read an excerpt of A Dare Without Regret here.

Wendy S. Marcus is an award-winning author of contemporary romance. A nurse by trade, Wendy holds a Master of Science in Health Care Administration, a degree that does her absolutely no good as she now spends her days, nights, and weekends mucking around in her characters’ lives creating conflict, emotion, and of course, a happily ever after. Wendy lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her dog Buddy, and blogging/e-mailing/tweeting/facebooking with her online friends.

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