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Review ~ HOWL SASSY by Tamara Hoffa

Howl Sassy (Animal in Me Series, #4)
by: Tamara Hoffa
Series:  Animal in Me
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Source: Author

Sebastian Von Drake is determined to turn his Sassy mate’s howls of resistance into cries of passion.

Most shifters are lucky to find one true mate in life. A hundred years after the murder of his first mate, the Goddess gifts Sebastian Von Drake with a second match. However, his sassy mate resists their union. Her past hold secrets she doesn’t want to share.

Alice Miller is drawn to the stick in the mud wolf like no one she’s ever met before, but she can’t mate him and risk everything. Why won’t he take no for an answer?

Danger, intrigue, traitors, spies, and secrets…combined with the irresistible passion of a shifter for his mate. Bastian will claim Alice, come hell or high water. No matter how much the sassy wolf howls.

Howl Sassy, the fourth book in the Animal in Me series is a really nice story.  If you read the first book, Hers to Bear, this is the story you’ve been waiting on.  If you’re new to the series, no problem, Howl Sassy is a standalone read.

Sebastian Von Drake and Alice Miller first met in Hers to Bear.  Alice is the best friend of Jenna, the heroine from Hers to Bear.  Sebastian is the Alpha and leader of the Von Drake Wolf Pack.  He’s also a close friend and ally to Bern, Jenna’s husband/mate and leader of the bear shifter pack.  Upon first meeting, Sebastian knew Alice was his mate and was meant only for him although his first wife and mate was murdered.

Alice has her reasons for refusing Sebastian’s advances.  After all, the secret she is carrying around could get her and other people killed.  When Alice’s patriarch finds out about Sebastian and discovers she is his mate, he urges/forces her to agree to mate with and become Sebastian’s bride.  When Alice’s secret is revealed, many are shocked.  Sebastian’s distraction makes it the perfect time for his past and present to collide.

As I mentioned, Howl Sassy is a good book.  I just wanted more from it.  Tamara Hoffa did a wonderful job with the back and forth banter of these two and putting pieces and events together.  She actually set the story up to be very action packed and suspenseful.  However, being a romantic suspense reader, for me she fell short.  I’m also disappointed that certain aspects of the storyline didn’t play out all the way and get resolved.  If there are more books in this series, and I hope there are, I don’t see how this unresolved portion can actually get resolved.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 4

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