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Review ~ FOOLS RUSH IN by Donna S. Frelick

Fools Rush In (Interstellar Rescue, #3)
by: Donna S. Frelick
Series: Interstellar Rescue
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure with Erotic Elements
Release Date: October 18, 2016
Publisher: INK’d Press
Source: Author

She thought she had the toughest job in Rescue—
until the day she had to convert a pirate into a hero.

Interstellar Rescue “conductor” Rayna Carver is deep undercover on a slave ship bound for an isolated region of space when the ship is attacked by pirates. Her liberator is Captain Sam Murphy, a man known in the spacer bars to love only profit, adventure and women.

But Murphy hates a few things, too, chief among them slavers. Will it be enough to gain his help for Rayna’s mission—ferreting out two spies bent on sabotaging an arms factory to turn the tide in an alien civil war?


Fools Rush In is the third book in Donna S. Felick’s Interstellar Rescue Series.  You do not need to read the other books to understand this one.  I read the book, Trouble In Mind, but it didn’t really prepare me for this one as much as I thought it would.  That’s likely because there are so many moving parts to this sci-fi love story that it’s hard to keep up at first.

Fools Rush In is about Rayna Carver who is a Field Agent for the Interstellar Council for Abolition and Rescue and Sam Murphy who is the Captain of the Shadowhawk which is a so-called pirate ship.  Rayna and Sam cross paths when Sam inadvertently ruins Rayna’s undercover mission to infiltrate a slavery operation by hijacking the slave ship and rescuing the slaves.  With the slaves and Rayna onboard the Shadowhawk, Sam soon finds out that there are other things in play that will threaten the lives of the slaves and his crew.  In addition, Sam and Rayna soon find that it’s impossible to resist the attraction that they have while they band together to fight a formidable opponent that they both despise.

There is a lot of action and Star Trek type fights.  There’s mind control, healing lights, and space jumps.  I would consider this an homage to all things sci-fi for sure.  The descriptions of all of the alien creatures immediately made me think of Star Wars.  There’s even a few battleship fights that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  I was totally looking for Captain Kirk to make an appearance.  Nonetheless, there was just as much romance as there was action.  Sam and Rayna truly set the bed sheets on fire with their lovemaking. They have a lot more in common than you would expect.  Sam is not exactly the pirate that you expect him to be.  However, I did feel like there was a few details that were missing from his backstory.  There is a character from the previous book who makes an appearance which I thought was a good way to tie things together.

**Received a copy of the book from the author and voluntarily reviewed.**

Rating: 4

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Trouble in Mind ~ Review

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