Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review ~ A CHRISTMAS KISS by Susan Hatler

A Christmas Kiss (Kissed by the Bay, #5)
by: Susan Halter
Series: Kissed by the Bay
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Release Date: November 28, 2016
Publisher: Hatco Publishing

Harper Avery is a jaded divorce attorney who loves helping her clients move on to better things. After all, they’ve struggled enough being in an unhappy marriage. When one client’s soon-to-be ex-husband suddenly says he wants a second chance with his wife, Harper’s dubious, certain that her client is just going to get hurt again.

Despite his career as a divorce attorney, Gabriel Hart still believes that love can work miracles. Sure, there are no guarantees, but he totally supports his client’s efforts to reconcile with his wife—even if it means Gabriel has to go head-to-head with Harper to keep her from ruining the couple’s chances.

With the holidays approaching, husband and wife set out to see if they can work through their issues, while Harper decides to spend the long Christmas weekend at her friend’s cabin in Lake Tahoe. Only when she gets there, someone is already occupying her last-minute rental—Gabriel Hart. Both refuse to give up their holiday retreat. Will their adversarial working relationship make for a stressful weekend? Or will the magic of Christmas sprinkle them with a love that can beat the odds?


A Christmas Kiss marks my first time reading Susan Halter.  If all of her books are like this, then she definitely has a new fan.

The cover for A Christmas Kiss drew me in and well, I might have forgotten to read the blurb and see what the book was about.  Sometimes going in blind makes for a good story. You as a reader don’t have a preconceived idea of what’s going to happen or what should happen.  You just read the story for what it is.

Harper Avery and Gabriel Hart are both divorce attorneys, working and living in Blue Moon Bay, California.  Though they are both attorneys, they each have different ideas on marriage and love.  Harper doesn’t believe in true love and looks at marriage like it’s a contract. Gabriel believes in love, marriage, and second chances.  The two first meet as opposing counsel in a divorce proceeding.  When Gabriel’s client asks his wife for a second chance, Harper is skeptical, but Gabriel reminds her that people make mistakes and that everyone deserves a second chance.  To say Harper isn’t happy by this turn of events is an understatement.

Christmas is approaching and the plans they each had to spend with their families fall through.  They each receive word from a friend that a mountain cabin is available.  Too bad that said friends are married to each other and failed to communicate that they plan on offering the cabin to their individual friends.

Harper arrives at the cabin to find Gabriel there and tries to convince him that he should leave.  When he refuses, Harper has no choice but to stay and share the cabin with him. Neither expect that this time away will make them see the other in a new light or fall in love.  But Christmas is a time for love and a Christmas kiss can and will be the best kiss of all.

A Christmas Kiss is a sweet romance, and while it is the fifth book in the Kissed by the Bay series, it is a standalone read.  Now it’s time for me to read the rest of the series.

**Received a copy from the publisher and reviewed the book voluntarily.**

Rating: 5

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