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Review ~ INSERT GROOM HERE by K.M. Jackson

Insert Groom Here (Unconventional Brides, #1)
by: K.M. Jackson
Series: Unconventional Brides
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 27, 2016
Publisher: Kensington/Dafina Books

Eva Ward has won a lavish wedding on the nation’s hottest morning show and can’t wait to kick off her happily-ever-after in style. Too bad her fiancĂ© backs out on-air—and cameraman Aidan Walker makes sure her private meltdown goes viral, down to the last couch-kicking moment. The only way Eva can save face and keep her perfect nuptial plans on track is to star in a new “find-a-groom” reality segment. But finding Mr. Right in one month means ignoring her handsome new producer—none other than Aidan himself—and getting their instant, exasperating attraction out of her system…

Eva soon finds there’s a lot more to Aidan than freewheeling charm. But one glimpse of his caring side can’t make up for off-camera politics, Aidan’s own secrets—or Eva’s fear that they’re too different to ever trust each other. So it’s time for her to flip this script, write twists no one will see coming—and risk her heart to get the real thing…

WBC’s The Morning Show throws a wedding.  After putting on a competition to find a couple to get married in a fairy tale wedding on national television, a couple has been selected.  The competition was fierce, but these two came out on top.  You’re invited to the wedding of Eva Ward and Kevin Rucker.

Just as viewers are preparing to get to know the couple a little better, during a live on air interview, Kevin makes a proclamation.  “I can’t marry you.” “Wait. What?” Exactly.  He chooses now to decide he’s not ready to get married?
Okay.  Eva says what any woman would say, “I will have my wedding with or without you.”  Oh sugar snaps.  Being in PR Eva knows the camera is on her and she will not have a meltdown for the world to see.  So storming off to the green room, she finally lets her hair down and has the full blown hissy fit she rightfully deserves.  Too bad a hotter than hot cameraman silently captures it on video.

In order to save face, Eva agrees to allow the station to help her find her perfect groom and still have the wedding of her dreams.  In The Bachelorette style of dating, Eva is going to have one date with eight men in eight weeks, culminating in a fairy tale wedding on television.  Unfortunately for her, the sexy cameraman, Aidan Walker, is now the one calling the shots.  

K.M. Jackson has been on my author reading wishlist for awhile now.  I will admit the cover for Insert Groom Here caught my attention.  The blurb had me wanting to read the book.  I really liked watching Eva and Aiden bicker almost all the time.  It was nice to see them actually get to know each other, without realizing they were becoming invested.  A big part of the book focused on Eva and her various dates.  I felt bad for Aiden having to watch her, knowing that he wanted to be the person sitting across from her.  At times, I didn’t like Eva because she felt as though she had to be someone she really wasn’t, but was unwilling to do what it would take to make herself happy.  I found the story to be enjoyable, however the ending was not one I liked.  I think with the book ending the way it did, there should have definitely been an Epilogue to truly wrap up Eva and Aiden’s story.

**Received a copy of the book courtesy of the publisher and I voluntarily reviewed it.**

Rating: 3.5

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