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Review ~ SECONDS TO SUNRISE by Nico Rosso

Seconds to Sunrise (Black Ops: Automatik, #3)
by: Nico Rosso
Series: Black Ops: Automatik
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 16, 2017
Publisher: Carina Press via NetGalley

Readers of Maya Banks’s KGI series will love the adrenaline-fueled, pulse-pounding suspense of Nico Rosso's SECONDS TO SUNRISE

She thought she’d lost everything…

April Banks thought her website crashing was just a glitch. Starting the online forum for war widows has been the only thing keeping her together since her husband died, and she won’t let anything interfere with her work. But this is no technical malfunction—cyberterrorists have targeted the information locked in April’s website and they’ll do anything to get it. Even if that means removing April. Permanently.

He’ll make them pay…

Automatik gave former SAS agent James Sant a way to protect the innocent again. He thinks life in the shadows is all he deserves…until he meets his newest assignment. April is everything James has never let himself want and he knows she’s already had too much heartbreak in her life to risk feeling for him. But keeping things professional while hunting the hackers with the gorgeous widow is going to be the hardest job he’s ever taken on.

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Seconds to Sunrise is the third book in Nico Rosso’s Black Ops: Automatik series.  The series itself is about a secret paramilitary organization that helps good people get out of dangerous situations and they usually take down a criminal organization while they are at it.  I would look at them as a well-funded, modern-day A-Team.  The second book, One Minute to Midnight, focused on a male and female pair of operators that ended up falling in love during their mission.  In this sequel, website designer/host April Banks has a website that has been hacked.  Her website is a great support system for military spouses that have lost someone in battle.  Automatik has sent in James Sant to protect April as the hackers have sent in thugs to prevent her from trying to stop them from using the personal information that they have obtained from the hack.  In fact, her encryption is so good, they have not actually been able to access the truly personal and important information yet.

James is former British SAS which is an elite military unit.  He has also done a few not so commendable ops in his time so he is trying to atone for those acts by helping people through Automatik.  April’s husband was killed by an IED while serving in the military so she has a personal connection to her site and the people that have been affected by the hack. James and April decide to track down the hackers.  This sends them on a dangerous trek across the Western United States.  All of the time that April and James spend in close quarters draws them close together.  Consequently, they end up having a steamy tryst which brings them even closer together and gives them both hope for the future.  They find themselves in some life threatening situations that take all of James’ training and resources to keep them safe.

I really enjoyed all of the action that was laced throughout the book.  There was a good balance of romance and suspense.  I especially liked the fact that they didn’t spend the entire book on defense.  At some point, they took the fight to the hackers and that made them an admirable team.  The more and more I learn about Automatik and its members, the more I look forward to reading another sequel.  I must also mention that the Nico Rosso does a great job of showing a diverse group of people throughout this series.  I’m always impressed when an author doesn’t forget to include different ethnicities in their books.  It’s not only very inclusive, it makes the books more realistic.

**Received a copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed.**

Rating: 5

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