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Review ~ THE LULLABY GIRL by Loreth Anne White

The Lullaby Girl (Angie Pallorino, #2)
by: Loreth Anne White
Series: Angie Pallorino
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Detective Angie Pallorino took down a serial killer permanently and, according to her superiors, with excessive force. Benched on a desk assignment for twelve months, Angie struggles to maintain her sense of identity—if she’s not a detective, who is she? Then a decades-old cold case washes ashore, pulling her into an investigation she recognizes as deeply personal.

Angie’s lover and partner, James Maddocks, sees it, too. But spearheading an ongoing probe into a sex-trafficking ring and keeping Angie’s increasing obsession with her case in check is taking its toll. However, as startling connections between the parallel investigations emerge, Maddocks realizes he has more than Angie’s emotional state to worry about.

Driven and desperate to solve her case, Angie goes rogue, risking her relationship, career, and very life in pursuit of answers. She’ll learn that some truths are too painful to bear, and some sacrifices include collateral damage.

But Angie Pallorino won’t let it go. She can’t. It’s not in her blood.

The Lullaby Girl is the second book in Loreth Anne White’s Angie Pallorino series.  It is a direct continuation from the first book, The Drowned Girls.  You have to read the first book if you want to have a good understanding of what is going on.  Angie Pallorino is a police officer who is currently on suspension for the number of bullets she put into a serial killer. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to everything that is going on with her. In addition, her new boyfriend, Detective James Maddocks is continuing the investigation into a human trafficking ring that they came across while they were hunting aforementioned serial killer.  Somehow, that prior investigation helped to unearth childhood memories for Angie that brought to light the fact that she was adopted.

Since this is a mystery/suspense, there is only so much that I can get into without spoiling everything.  Needless to say, there are a lot of layers to this mystery.  As Angie digs into her past, her present and future begin to unravel.  She discovers that her past is so gruesome that her younger self had to forget everything in order to survive.  Even her secrets have secrets. In addition, Maddocks’ investigation into the human trafficking ring will have an unimaginable overlap into Angie’s past.  And that is as much as I can get into.  Loreth does an uncanny job of weaving everything together.  I was captivated until the very end.  At times, it was hard to root for Angie because she is so self-destructive but once the truth about her past comes into focus, I understood her so much more.  And Maddocks was a truly admirable guy who just wanted to be a good cop, father, and lover.  He was compassionate and never let Angie down even when she tried to push him away.

I have no idea what the next novel will be about because it seems that a lot of questions were answered this time around.  Nonetheless, I look forward to reading the next book because I am curious to know what happens next for Angie and Maddocks.

**Received a copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed.**

Rating: 5

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