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Review ~ CRAZY FOR THE BEST MAN by Ashlee Mallory

Crazy for the Best Man (Crazy in Love, #2)
by: Ashlee Mallory
Series: Crazy in Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 27, 2017
Publisher: Ashlee Mallory
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As an entertainment reporter, it’s Anna Blake’s job to be the first to get the scoop on the city’s hottest celebrity gossip. But when the competition “outs” her as the long-lost sister of the bride in what’s been heralded as the wedding of the year, Anna’s forced to go undercover as a bridesmaid to find the scoop that just might save her job.

Best Man Nick St. Claire hasn’t forgotten that Anna almost cost him his first election ten years ago. When she appears as a less than enthusiastic bridesmaid right before he’s set to announce his senate candidacy, he’s more than suspicious. To ensure the wedding—and his campaign announcement—goes off without a hitch, Nick makes a bargain with Anna: be the model maid of honor, and he’ll give her access an exclusive story that’s sure to save her job.

Over the next few days of wedding game fun and mishaps, these two one-time enemies might just discover there’s more to fight than each other, maybe even… love.

I’ve said it before and I will continue to say and believe it….romance is all about the journey to a happily ever after. When I initially picked up Crazy for the Best Man, I wasn't sure I was going to like it (more on that later). The journey of watching Nick St. Claire and Anna Blake grow and come into their own plus their budding romance was a thing of wonder. Yes, this story was completely predictable. But the fact that I somehow became invested in these two, made that not seem to matter at all. My biggest issue with the book actually wasn't the way or reason Anna arrived at her never met before sister’s wedding, but the fallout from the climax of the story. The Falling Action and a part of the Resolution just seemed unreal and unbelievable to me. Luckily, it didn't take away from the story. But for me it didn't push the story to a higher rating.

Anna Blake has lived her life believing that she didn't need anyone and that what people thought of her didn't matter. For her, the most hurtful part of her life has been knowing that she had a wealthy father who refused to acknowledge her existence until it was revealed in his will. Suddenly, the world knows who she is and she has a new younger half-sister pestering her to become a part of her life. Anna's life has definitely not turned out the way she would have liked. Instead of writing for The New York Times or LA Times, she's working as a gossip reporter for The Daily Rundown and her new family and future in-laws are her editor’s top 10 must have celebrities. In order to save her job, Anna has to attend her sister Janie’s wedding and uncover any and all dirty, juicy details of the attendees. Anna shows up with one goal in mind, saving her job. To do so, she must survive the week, befriend everyone, and then stab them in the back. See, none of this is making Anna one of my favorite people. However, Anna wasn't prepared for the past as much as she thought she was.

Nick seems to have had to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders from an early age. He’s part of a political dynasty. He doesn't seem to be fully jaded by his life so far, but he also doesn't seem to be truly happy. He’s sitting on information that could and will shake up the California political scene, but he has to keep it under wraps until after his younger brother gets married. Not only does Nick have to make sure the week of Dax and Janie’s wedding runs smoothly and that everything is perfect, he has to try and avoid his ex, Janie's best friend. But things for Nick get a little more complicated when Janie's new sister shows up and turns out to be his high school archenemy and the person who almost single-handedly ruined his high school student body political career. None other than Anna Blake. Nick doesn't trust that Anna is there for the right reasons and the two strike a deal. Anna will play the perfect maid of honor. She will partake in all of the nauseating activities Janie has planned and put on a happy face while doing so. And she will make sure her sister has a fairy tale wedding. In return, Nick will give her an exclusive interview including what’s next for him.

As the two play at playing nice, they discover that their high school animosity was merely hiding their feelings for each other. As the two navigate the pre-wedding events, they find themselves falling in love. Unfortunately, someone isn’t happy with this turn of events and will do whatever it takes to use their insecurities against them.

Crazy for the Best Man was a fun story with really good characters. While it may be a little predictable, it did leave me with a smile on my face.

**Received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed the book.**

Rating: 4

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