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NEVER BEEN GOOD Dreamcast by Christi Barth + Giveaway

Never Been Good (Bad Boys Gone Good, #2)
by: Christi Barth
Series: Bad Boys Gone Good
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2018
Publisher: Avon Impulse
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Flynn Maguire isn’t really a bad guy. Sure, he worked for the mob, but he ran a legitimate business—on paper anyway—and it paid enough to keep his brother out of the lifestyle. Until they turned on him. Now he’s stuck in Witness Protection, tending bar in Nowheresville Oregon… and pissed the life he knew is gone.

The only bright spot? Fantasizing about his quiet, secretive, beautiful coworker.

Sierra Williams is a woman on the run. All she wants now is to settle into small town life… and ignore the brooding, sexy bartender who can’t seem to take his eyes off her. Flynn’s bad-boy vibe pushes all her buttons, but Sierra fell for the wrong man once already. She can’t afford to let her guard down again. Except Flynn’s tough exterior is slowly melting away to reveal the sweet man beneath and their attraction is too strong to resist.

Sierra and Flynn are falling fast, but they’re both keeping so many secrets. The truth could ruin everything… unless a girl who’s a little bad is perfect for a guy who’s never really been good.

I’m so excited to share my dream cast with you for Never Been Good. I literally can’t start writing until I’ve got real faces attached to my hero and heroine. In this case, it is book 2 in the Bad Boys Gone Good series about three brothers in Witness Protection, so I had to make sure I had six models.

Rafe Maguire, the oldest brother who makes the bold choice to yank them out of the Chicago mob and into WITSEC (without consulting his brothers, btw, so there’s maybe a touch of bitterness there…) is Henry Cavill. Big. Powerful. He used to be the ‘fixer’ for the mob, so looking intimidating was half the job. Intimidating and drop dead sexy. He uses those muscles for good, I promise – during hospital sex (hey, the bed moves and makes it super interesting!), during forest sex….

In book 1, Bad For Her, Rafe falls for Dr. Mollie Vickers (see, the hospital bed thing makes sense now, doesn’t it?). I used Alison Brie as the model – her actual self, not the backcombed and fake-lash version of her from Mad Men, LOL. Love that it is easy to imagine her looking beautiful in scrubs and a sexy date dress. She’s a small town, hometown girl through and through, aka the worst possible match – on paper – for Rafe. He hates her tiny town in the middle of nowhere with its all-consuming obsession for its Cranberry Festival. But….he sure falls for Mollie….

While stipulating that I write rom coms, I really wanted Flynn, the middle brother, to be a tortured hero. Nobody does dark and brooding like Tom Ellis (although I fell for his charming shtick on Lucifer). Flynn’s consumed with guilt that his brothers gave up their lives in Chicago to save him by going into Witness Protection. He ran the legit, cover business for the mob—until something went wrong. They needed a fall guy, and decided Flynn would be the one to take the hit and go to jail, even though he’s always kept his hands clean. Come on – look at how well he broods! Plus, once he falls for the sweet ray of sunshine that sloughs off his dourness (aka the beautiful waitress Sierra), then he’s just all tall, dark and muscled hotness.

The heroine of Never Been Good, Sierra Williams (spoiler – not her real name!) is pure sweetness and light. Even though she grew up in foster homes and is currently on the run from criminals, she sees the best in people. I currently adore Melissa Benoist in Supergirl, but first noticed her radiant sweetness in Glee. This is a woman who lives in a Tiny House and doesn’t mind the lack of space because at least she has her own bedroom. She sees right past Flynn’s gruffness to his loyal and loving heart.

Instead of revealing all the Maguires (gotta save something for the release of book 3!), I’m going to share a different but definite character in the entire series – the city of Bandon, Oregon. It is a tiny speck– compared to Chicago, that is - on the coast full of heart-stopping views and quirky characters. Giant monoliths of rock dot the beach, and vast pine forests (did I mention there’s forest sex in all 3 books?) on the other side of the town. All the citizens (aside from the Maguire brothers) live and die by the annual Cranberry Festival. Which, by the way, is a real thing. Just probably not run IRL by Floyd, a clipboard-crazy control freak in a hat festooned with fishing lures.

It’s beautiful in Bandon. But what’s even more beautiful is watching Flynn and Sierra slowly drop their defenses and trust again as they fall in love—even as they have to continue to lie about who they truly are.

Seven Months Earlier
Graceland Cemetery, Chicago
11:30 p.m., October 31

“This is nice.” Frank Mullaney’s brother nudged him, flashing a grin from behind the enormous fake white beard. “We haven’t celebrated a Halloween together in years.”

Yeah. His brother Ryan had lost his mind, no doubt about it. His brother, who happened to be currently dressed like Santa Claus. On freaking Halloween.

Not that it was any better than his own off-season costume. Frank had flat-out refused—at first—when Ryan laid the leprechaun costume across his bed. Until he pointed out the two best points of the costume. A big red beard and hat that would totally disguise Frank’s features, and a fake pot of gold. Aka something that wouldn’t look weird for him to be carrying, just like the bag good old Santa had draped over his shoulder.

Since it turned out that just under two million in cash couldn’t be stuffed in your pockets.

Especially not when traipsing through a cemetery. On Halloween. At almost midnight, surrounded by drunken, screaming people on ghost tours.

“That’s probably because we’re grown ass men. Trick or treating would be weird at our age.” The thought of candy made Frank remember that he’d skipped lunch. And dinner. Because Ryan showed up at his front door with costumes and this crazy plan. “Although I wouldn’t say no if you pulled a Snickers out of your pocket and tossed it my way.”

Ignoring him, Ryan continued, his voice a little softer. “We haven’t celebrated Halloween since Mom died.”

Way to bring the mood back to serious-as-fuck. Grim enough to match the gravestones they were skirting. “You mean since she was murdered.” Because Ryan had just shared that little bombshell with him. It was still rattling around in his head like a pinball. God knew it hadn’t sunk in yet.

Ryan stopped at the edge of a replica of a Greek temple. He dropped his sack onto the concrete foundation of the tomb. Fisted his hands on the red velvet and padding near his waist. “Can we not talk about that right now? One thing at a time. Let’s get through tonight. Through the next couple of weeks. Then, I promise, we’ll sit down and hash everything out.”

Classic Ryan. Solving problems. Staying focused on the long game. It was exactly what he did as the right hand man for the leader of the Chicago mob.

Did…past tense. Seeing as how today he and Frank had stolen all of the mob’s cash. And then tomorrow, they’d watch their colleagues and friends get arrested in a sting—and hopefully the missing money would be attributed to the Fed’s raid. After that, the Mullaney brothers would disappear forever, courtesy of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Frank shifted his weight from one foot to the other. The frost-bitten grass made a crunching sound. Probably similar to the one his bones would make if this whole plan failed and the mob ever caught up with them.

“Are you going to talk to Kieran, too?” Because their little brother was out of the loop on all of it. He had no idea that his big brothers were even in the mob, let alone close to the top. He was balls deep in law school.

Until tomorrow.

Until they ripped that away from him.

Just to save Frank.

How was that fair? God. Frank swallowed so hard he swore he could hear his Adam’s apple scraping against his throat.

Ryan’s blue eyes shifted to the side. Easy enough to see his discomfort at being pinned down, with the whole place lit up with spotlights and luminarios along the paths and footlights edging the most famous tombs. “You and I will talk first. Then we’ll decide, together, how far in to dial Kieran.”

“You think he’ll hate us?”

Ryan’s mouth turned downward into a bitter smirk. “Since it was all my idea to put us into Witness Protection, yeah, I’m sure he’ll hate me. For a while. Pretty sure that you will, too. Once our new reality hits.”

“No way. Not possible.” The only way they’d survived the death of their mom was by banding together as tight as stucco on drywall. Their dad dying…ah, no. Being murdered by McGinty, per the other surprise truth Ryan laid on him today. Their dad’s death had made their bond more unshakeable. Strong enough to get them through their worst days. It made them strong enough to survive anything, as long as the three of them were together. He could never, would never hate Ryan.

“I’ll check back in with you in a month, when you’re jonesing for an MMA fight.”

How many more surprises were coming? Frank shook his head. “I can’t fight anymore?” The mixed martial arts training started as a way to prove that even though he sat behind a desk, he was just as tough as everyone else in McGinty’s organization. Appearances mattered. Respect had to be earned.

Kicking ass in the ring went a long way to making sure people stopped calling him a pencil pusher. But he liked it, too. Liked teaching the skills to kids so they could defend themselves. A good fight worked out all his stress. And yeah, he’d cop to getting a thrill from winning the competitions, too.

“Keeping our noses clean is a pretty big requirement in WITSEC. I think an underground fight club wouldn’t go over—” Ryan broke off. Grabbed Frank by the neck and pulled him down behind the marble tomb.


Ryan put his finger to his lips. Then he pointed at another tour group, coming at them from the edge of the lake. This one was full of shivering women in skimpy versions of superhero costumes, hanging on the arms of already drunk and stumbling men.

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USA TODAY bestselling author Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance, including the Naked Men and Aisle Bound series. 

Christi can always be found either whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world.

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