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Review ~ EVERY DEEP DESIRE by Sharon Wray

Every Deep Desire (Deadly Force, #1)
by: Sharon Wray
Series: Deadly Force
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 6, 2018
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
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He's taking it all back
His honor, his freedom, and the woman he loves

Rafe Montfort was a decorated Green Beret, the best of the best, until a disastrous mission and an unforgivable betrayal destroyed his life. Now, this deadly soldier has returned to the sultry Georgia swamps to reunite with his brothers, and take back all he lost. But Juliet must never know the truth behind what he's done...or the dangerous secret that threatens to take him from her forever.

It took Juliet Capel eight long years to put her life back together after her husband was taken from her. Now Rafe is back, determined to protect her at any cost, and it's not just her heart that's in danger. The swamps hold a secret long buried and far deadlier than either of them could have imagined...

I really enjoyed Every Deep Desire. It was a very imaginative love story. I always appreciate it when an author creates new worlds that are rife with ancient folklore and traditions that you have to take the time to understand. In this scenario, the folklore involves ancient warriors that still exist in the current world. It’s hard to say if they are good or bad, but they are tasked with exacting justice and protecting certain secrets at all costs.

Rafe Montfort went off to become a Green Beret while leaving his wife Juliet Capel to take care of the homefront. Although their love was that of fairytales, Rafe ultimately breaks Juliet’s heart and ends up being labeled a traitor. He also goes to prison. We later find out that for the past 8 years, he has been some sort of Fianna warrior, and he has killed hundreds of men. Somehow, his past has come to find Juliet and Rafe has come to protect her. The title of the book doesn’t really go with the book though. Everything centers around a flower that is Juliet’s namesake and has grown on Capel family land for centuries. The mystery surrounding the flower and bowing men really catapults the intrigue. I truly had no idea what was going on but there were enough bread crumbs that I had to find out how everything fits together.

In addition to the mystery of the flower and the Fianna warriors, there is plenty of family drama, local politics, and a love that will not die. Rafe whose code name is Romeo is very much meant to be with Juliet. Just like that other love story, they risk their lives to be together. When it all ends, you still may not truly understand what happened but you will be glad that you went along for the ride. There is a large supporting cast and the book is actually fairly long so it requires an investment if you really want to enjoy every detail. I would be curious to see if the author doesn’t write a sequel to develop some of the other characters in the book.

**Received a copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed the book.**

Rating: 5

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  1. Thank you so much Kim for such a lovely review! And yes, there is another story to follow that will be out in January 2018. That one is called One Dark Wish. :)


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