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Feature Spotlight ~ ANYWHERE WITH YOU by Christina Elle

Anywhere With You
by: Christina Elle
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 27, 2018
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You are cordially invited to... tick off the bride.

Teegan Michaels has attended six weddings for her sorority sisters dateless and she refuses to go to the last one alone. Not when she has a perfectly respectable—not to mention hot—NFL player ready to save her from humiliation. Who cares that he’s the bride’s ex-fiancĂ© and only wants to go for revenge?

Tropes for Anywhere With You:

  • - best friend's older brother 
  • - fake relationship - 
  • revenge - 
  • friends to lovers - 
  • secret crush

  • Wes must have sensed her discomfort because he released her hand to wrap a tight arm around her, pulling her against him. She wasn't even going to process how much she liked the way she fit into his armpit. Mostly because fitting into another person's armpit didn't sound like something one would revel in. Under arm? Lower shoulder? Upper oblique?

    Her brain forgot about the holding her up part and the various vocabulary choices, and instead registered how much she liked being sandwiched against his warm frame. She melted into him, her arm instinctively wrapping itself around his waist.

    Damn he was hard. And full of muscle. Just like she'd imagined.

    Without being able to stop herself, she gave his side a good, sturdy squeeze, testing the firmness. Then she splayed her fingers wide, taking in more terrain, and glided her hand up and down his bubbly side.

    Bubbly? Would we call it bubbly?

    Well, it certainly wasn't smooth. It had bumps and ridges to it, each one harder than the next. The density was like the long tubes of bologna her father used to get at the meat counter back home.

    Good Lord, Teegan. Really?

    Yeah, because when one's arm was around a hot man, it was natural to think about deli meat.

    No wonder you've been dateless for so long.

    She nearly rolled her eyes and would have if Juliet hadn't been staring at her like she could read every one of Teegan's moronic thoughts.

    "Juliet," Wes said in a purposeful tone. "You remember Teegan."

    "Of course." She leaned forward to give Teegan a small hug. The kind that only required half an arm and a pat on the back. "It's nice to see you. With Wes, no less."

    "Yeah, well…" Teegan glanced up at the tall, mountain of a man and tried to flutter her eyelashes at him. But she must've done it too fast because her vision went wonky, causing her to sway a little and nearly lose her balance. Shifting her weight, she planted her feet firmly and looked back at Juliet. "We're in love.”

    Oh, geez.

    Smooth? You call that smooth?

    She could've sworn she heard a groan next to her, but she wasn't sure because Juliet's sharp intake of air drowned out just about every sound on the beach.

    "Love?" Juliet’s gaze zipped to Wes, searching for what seemed like confirmation.

    There was a slight hesitation—Juliet hopefully didn't catch it—before Wes once again wrapped a tight arm around her. "What can I say? When you know, you know. It just kind of hit me." He sent a cryptic look Teegan's way, and his jaw seemed to lock down. "Out of nowhere."

    Teegan simulated an explosion with her hands, taking her fists and blasting her fingers open wide. “Boom.”

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    Christina believes that laughter really is the best medicine, which is why in her stories she blends a healthy dose of hilarious hijinks with gritty suspense.

    When she’s not writing fun contemporary romance or quirky romantic suspense, Christina can be found devouring books in every genre, watching Chris Hemsworth on TV, playing board games with her family, working out, checking out Chris Hemsworth on Facebook, napping, stalking Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, and shopping…for Chris Hemsworth’s latest DVD.

    Christina lives near Baltimore with her husband and two sons, who give her an endless supply of humorous material to write about.

    She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers.

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