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Christmas at the Inn on Cloud Hill (Cloud Hill, #1)
by: Tina DeSalvo
Series: Cloud Hill
Genre: Contemporary Christmas Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2018
Publisher: Tina DeSalvo
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Visit the tiny town of Cloud Hill for Christmas and discover why an artist, a musician and one crazy deer make this a holiday to remember.

Artist, Aurora Morgan has returned to the quaint Rocky Mountain town of Cloud Hill to work. Country Music Mega Star, Daniel Brooks has returned to get away from work.

Aurora never dreamed she'd run into Daniel, the man who was once the boy she holds responsible for her traumatic past. But, she has, right in the very place his actions changed the course of her life. ...And, she can't avoid him since the persistent townsfolk has cornered the two of them to help with the annual Christmas play.

Daniel has no idea why Aurora wants nothing to do with him when he has only fond memories of her. He's determined to solve that mystery. And, he's not going to let the chatty, middle-aged, sugar plum fairies in multi-colored tutus, distract him.

...Not when the sweet, odd child has turned into such an intriguing woman.

Christmas at the Inn on Cloud Hill marks my first time reading Tina DeSalvo, who has been on my reading wish list for awhile. Immediately, I was drawn to this story of a popular country music star, a talented artist, and a three-legged deer. I assumed this was going to be a fun light-hearted Christmas read. The story did have fun light-hearted moments. But it takes a dark and surprising turn, one I didn't see coming. For this reason, there needs to be a trigger warning. Events are not played out on the pages, but they are mentioned and alluded to.

Aurora Morgan grew up an outcast as the only child of hippie parents in Cloud Hill, Colorado. She used to look forward to summer and winter breaks, when Daniel Brooks would visit his grandparents. Over time, she developed a crush on him. But Daniel was popular and mostly hung around the other popular kids. He did manage to talk to Aurora from time to time.

Twenty years later, fate has brought these two back to Cloud Hill at the same time. Aurora is in town to paint a mural for the Inn on Cloud Hill. Daniel is in town for a much-needed quiet break. The two are further thrust together when they're roped into participating in the Nutcracker Variety Show. As the two spend time together, they develop a growing attraction towards one another. However, Aurora has conflicting feelings for Daniel, as she can't get past what he did to her years ago. For his part, Daniel doesn't understand why Aurora wants to keep her distance from him, and he doesn't remember ever doing anything to her.

“Can't fit something until you know what you're fixing.” In order for Aurora and Daniel to be together, they're going to have to remember the past, overcome the past, forgive and support each other.

I found Christmas at the Inn on Cloud Hill to be an enjoyable story. Daniel and Aurora are likable characters. My heart went out to Aurora for all she went through. I really liked the ending of the story, though I think part of it seemed rushed and out of place. This novella introduces the Cloud Hill series. I'm interested in seeing how Tina develops this series as I don't see any secondary characters with story potential.

**Received a copy of the book from the author and also purchased my own copy.**

Rating: 4

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