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Hero Profile & Excerpt ~ THE RANCHER'S PROPOSAL by Paula Altenburg

The Rancher’s Proposal (Montana McGregor Brothers, #3)
by: Paula Altenburg
Series: The Montana McGregor Brothers
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2019
Publisher: Tule Publishing
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She said she’d never rely on a man again…

Never say never. When meek and mild Posey Davies calls it quits on her toxic marriage, she grabs her two-year-old daughter and runs. Her flight lands her in Grand, Montana, a community happy to take her in and even happier to nose about in her life and her unfortunate past.

The cowboy next door, Zack McGregor, has “good time,” written all over him. He’s only home for a year to help out his older brother, who’s guardian of their sister’s children. Zack is kind, funny and oh-so-easy on the eyes. He’d be perfect, but the practical Posey predicts Zac will disappear as soon as winter sets in.

Zack’s not as laid back and fun loving as he seems. He’s all about family and doing what’s right. When Posey’s deadbeat ex-husband begins making demands, Zack insists on playing protector.

Posey’s never had anyone stand up for her before and soon realizes that perhaps relying on this man and trusting in love is well worth the risk.

Name: Zack McGregor

Age: 28

Date of birth: November 11th

Physical Description: Dark red/auburn hair and eyelashes, blue eyes, tall and well-muscled upper body—he’s a rancher.

Occupation: Accountant by trade—rancher by choice.

3 likes in no particular order: Cooking, women, and taking charge.

3 dislikes in no particular order: Men who don’t know how to treat women, pungent odors, and lima beans.

Drink of choice: He’s a beer drinker but Posey likes red wine, so when he’s with her that’s what he drinks, too.

Favorite food: Barbecue chicken and tabbouleh

Favorite song: Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

Choice of transportation: Walking—especially when it involves walking to Posey’s

Favorite way to spend an evening: Zack’s an extrovert and normally he likes being around people, but Posey’s quiet and shy. He’s discovered he really likes sitting on the front porch at night with her and watching the stars.

Best memory to date: The night Posey joins him at a going away party for a friend of his. Posey’s not much of a party girl, so the fact she comes means she’s there because of Zack and he knows it.

If you could have a do over, what would you do differently? I’d tell the important women in my life how much I love them every chance I got so they’d never doubt how much I value them.

Is it possible to survive tragedy and find happiness again? Absolutely! Although it doesn’t seem possible at all when you’re living in the moment. You have to keep an eye on the future and remind yourself that life goes on.

Most romantic gesture: Mine or Posey’s? For me, every time Posey shows the least little bit of trust in me, it makes me feel like a god. But if we’re talking about something I do for Posey because it comes from my heart, it’s stepping back and allowing her to do things for herself when I want nothing more than to make her life easy.

Words to live by: “Life is for the living.”

He was always so understanding and kind. It was obvious his friends thought he was great.

Meanwhile, she wasn’t great—she was rich. She hadn’t even earned the money herself. She wondered how he’d react to it (her money) once he found out.

“It’s me I don’t trust,” she said. “I don’t know who I am. I do know I’m nothing like Andy.”

Zack glanced down at her. Her shoulder bumped against his arm. He rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. “Andy is unpredictable, and honestly, a little crazy. She has no concept of safety. She tandem jumps without her own parachute. Let’s hope she doesn’t make squad leader because she’ll drag her team straight into the middle of a firefight. Would you really want to be like that?”

“Yes,” Posey said.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not. I thought Andy was amazing when we were kids. Back then, I would have done anything to impress her. But she doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. She never has. That’s exhausting.”

He found Andy exhausting?

Posey came with a lot of baggage, herself.

“I don’t want to give a damn about anyone but myself, either. And Trixie too, of course,” she added quickly.

“Of course.” Zack gave her a light, good-natured shove. “You can’t even fantasize about not giving a damn without giving a damn. You say you don’t know who you are, but at least you know what you’re not.”

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Paula Altenburg grew up in rural Nova Scotia knowing that at some point in her life she was likely to be a fiction writer. Swapping Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey books with her father guaranteed she wasn’t going to be the next Jane Austen, much to the dismay of her English teacher mother.

A degree in Social Anthropology from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, again meant writing was the logical (meaning only) career path for her, although it did confirm her belief that learning is a life-long experience. She’s taken business courses, writing courses, and physiology of aquatic animals courses, all at the university level and all for fun.

She has worked in the Aerospace industry, although now makes writing her full-time career. Happily married, with two terrific sons, she continues to live in rural Nova Scotia but makes a point of traveling as much as she can.

She reads in all genres, but fantasy and contemporary romance are her writing loves.

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