Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Guest Post ~ NOT ANOTHER LOVE SONG by Olivia Wildenstein

Not Another Love Song
by: Olivia Wildenstein
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2020
Publisher: Swoon Reads
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An aspiring teenage singer finds herself playing a different tune when she falls for a boy who could jeopardize her future dreams in Olivia Wildenstein’s romantic YA novel, Not Another Love Song.

Angie has studied music her entire life, nurturing her talent as a singer. Now a high school senior, she has an opportunity to break into Nashville’s music scene via a songwriting competition launched by her idol, Mona Stone. Discouraged by her mother, who wishes Angie would set more realistic life goals, she nonetheless pours her heart and soul into creating a song worthy of Mona.

But Angie’s mother is the least of her concerns after she meets Reedwood High’s newest transfer student, Ten. With his endless collection of graphic tees, his infuriating attitude, smoldering good looks, and endearing little sister, Ten toys with the rhythm of Angie’s heart.

She’s never desired anything but success until Ten entered her life. Now she wants to be with him and to be a songwriter for Mona Stone, but she can’t have both.

And picking one means losing the other.

Advice to my teenage self:

  • You can’t learn courage without knowing fear.
  • Believe in your dreams and follow them.
  • Believe in yourself and your self-worth.
  • Remember that being a teenager will pass, so make the most of those awkward years.
  • Sticks and stones hurt, but so do some words, so learn to confide in others.
  • Find something you love and become great at it.
  • Listen to the adults you trust. They’ve been there. Done that.
  • Make a friend. A best friend. Someone who’ll have your back.
  • Grades won’t make or break you. Only you have that power.
  • You can’t be good at everything.

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USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City and earned her bachelor’s in comparative literature from Brown University. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for the writing life, which made more sense considering her college degree.

When she’s not sitting at her computer, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets (Yes. Everyone), eavesdropping on conversations to gather material for her next book, and attempting not to forget one of her kids in school.

She has a slight obsession with romance, which might be the reason why she writes it. She’s a hybrid author of over a dozen mature Young Adult love stories.

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