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Review ~ JUST A LITTLE MARRIED by Reese Ryan

Just a Little Married (Moonlight Ridge, #3)
by: Reese Ryan
Series: Moonlight Ridge
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2021
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
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She’s proposing a convenient marriage to the man she can’t resist. What can go wrong? Find out in this conclusion to the Moonlight Ridge trilogy from Reese Ryan.

She needs a husband…fast.

Could her former flame be perfect for the job?

To claim her inheritance, philanthropist Riley George needs to tie the knot—now! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so she turns to Travis Holloway—the celebrity chef catering her gala and her ex-lover. Can she make him an offer he can’t refuse without giving in to an attraction she can’t deny?

If Travis can keep things strictly business, he’ll save his family’s luxury resort. But it’s never been about business with Riley, only pleasure. And this agreement on paper is about to tempt them into reckoning with the past…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Just a Little Married is the third and final book in the Moonlight Ridge series. The series is about three adopted brothers returning to Asheville, North Carolina, and their childhood home and resort of Moonlight Ridge after their father has a health crisis. The brothers each agree to spend a few months at the resort, looking after their father and restoring the resort which has seen better days. In a previous book, it was discovered someone was stealing from the resort, but the who and how still remains a question.

Travis Holloway and his two older brothers Mack and Grey used to be closer than close. But that all changed fifteen years ago on a stormy night which resulted in a horrific car crash. The accident robbed Travis of his football scholarship and his dreams of playing in the NFL. It also left him in pain and agony for two years, trying to regain his ability to walk. Travis suffered both emotionally and physically. While his brothers escaped the accident with minor cuts and bruises, they were scarred emotionally as well. Their guilt drove them all to leave North Carolina, branch out on their own, and become successful in their chosen careers. In doing so, the brothers stopped communicating with each other and rarely returned to Moonlight Ridge. His brothers have returned, came to terms with the past, and found their true loves. Now, it’s Travis’s turn to return and work on updating Moonlight Ridge’s kitchen and restaurant menu.

Travis, a successful restauranteur, competitive cooking show host, and cookbook author, gets strongarmed by his former mentor to help Riley George, his former girlfriend, the girl who broke his heart and ripped his family apart all those years ago. As if it wasn’t hard enough to be around Riley, she proposes a marriage of convenience so she can gain full access to her trust fund to help out one of her favorite charities. In exchange for giving up a year of his life, Riley will infuse some much-needed cash into Moonlight Ridge.

I loved these characters. Travis has tried hard to pretend that he didn’t need or miss his brothers, but he totally did. I loved watching them reconnect and the brotherly love they have for each other showed. Riley is independent and caring. She's nothing at all like her parents. While it’s been fifteen years, these two still love and care deeply for each other.

Just a Little Married contains a seasoned romance between the Holloway brothers’ father, Jameson, and his nurse Giada. The story also contains a surprising twist. This was truly a great ending to the series.

~ Favorite Quote ~

“Things aren’t always as rosy as they seem from the outside.”

**Received a copy of the author and voluntarily reviewed it. Also personally purchased a paperback copy.**

Rating: 4.5

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Reese Ryan writes sexy, contemporary romance featuring colorful characters and sinfully sweet romance. She challenges her heroines with family and career drama; reformed bad boys; revealed secrets; and the occasional identity crisis, but always rewards them with a well-earned happy ending.

A native of The Land (Cleveland, OH), Reese resides in North Carolina. She adores brilliant singer/songwriters and has an incurable addiction to musicals and movie soundtracks.

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