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Review ~ UNLOCKED (The Alpha Group Book Three) by Maya Cross

The breathtaking conclusion to the USA Today bestselling Alpha Group Series.
Who is Sebastian Lock?
The heart can lead you to dangerous places. Abandoned by the man she loves, with nothing more than sweet words and riddles for an explanation, Sophia Pearce felt like her life was crumbling before her eyes. And then they came for her. Now, things will never be the same.
Confronted with the truth about Sebastian’s identity, she’s thrust into a high stakes world beyond anything she could have imagined. A world that threatens much more than just her feelings. Sebastian’s enemies will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they want her.
Their passion for one another consumes them, but as the danger mounts, and loyalties are tested, Sophia must answer one simple question. What is she willing to risk for love?

The Alpha Group Trilogy is intended for readers aged 18 and over

Unlocked is NOT a standalone book.  You must read Locked (Book One) and Lockout (Book Two), in order.
Unlocked is the conclusion of Maya Cross’ Alpha Group Trilogy and picks up where Lockout left off.  To say I enjoyed this book from the very beginning to the very end is a HUGE understatement.  This book is a real page turner that’s intense with amazing suspense.  I was constantly trying to figure out who was behind the kidnapping and murders.  Maya puts in a surprise that you won't see coming.
The passion between Sophia and Sebastian is still there and is as intense as ever.  Finally, the secrets Sebastian Locke keeps are revealed, but I still felt there was something about him I don't know.  What that is, I have no idea. Sebastian will do whatever it takes to make sure Sophia is safe and will risk his life to protect hers.  This is definitely a series worth reading.
Rating: 5

Release Date: November 18, 2013
Book Length: 200 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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