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Jason Mowbray talks EMOTIONAL TURMOIL

A psychological thriller that takes you deep into the mind of Maurich. A man who is plagued with horrific nightmares of a tormented little boy named Charlie. Dreams that are so real Maurich eventually starts to question his own sanity. The tail spinning drama sends Maurich out of control as the love of his life is tragically taken from him. Maurich's journey encompasses two continents as he tries to solve the mystery of his missing love.

First of all I’d like to thank you very much for this opportunity. I know you said you don’t typically read psychological thrillers but this may be an irresistible exception, lol.

I was born in the North of England and moved to Canada when I was two. At ten years old we moved back to England and eventually settled in a small village just outside of Stockton on Tees. This is where my story starts and this is where my story ends. Although completely fictional and like many authors there are scenes in my book that are based on my real life events. My book opens with a tragic fire.  Many aspects of this life threatening ordeal were real. An old building and an electrical fire and a barking dog woke us up. The upper floor filled with smoke and we were all very lucky to get out with our lives.

I currently live in Canada on the West Coast Just outside of Vancouver with my amazing wife and four sons.

Now onto Maurich. He is a good looking young man with a solid physique. He had a good upbringing with two parents who loved and doted on him. He was an only child and was raised to be polite and respectful and would do anything to help anyone.

As a child Maurich was plagued with horrific nightmares that were so real and so terrifying his parents sought professional counseling to try and release him from the torment that gripped him so tightly when the lights went out. Eventually with dozens of hours of therapy the dreams subsided and Charlie left Maurich to live in peace.

Amazingly he managed to keep a certain level of normalcy despite his hair raising night terrors that once afflicted him. That is until Charlie came back. Charlie is a little boy who Maurich tucked away deep in his mind. Gone and almost forgotten, that is until tragedy struck. Nightmares of the past came flooding back in torrential waves to torment him once again. Horrific images cloud Maurich’s mind and leave him desperate for an explanation.

As the days unfold Maurich finds himself getting closer to the answers he is looking for. Is he being taunted and why?

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Read an excerpt of Emotional Turmoil here

Firstly I learned that I love to write. In my books it is my world and the hero is who I want it to be and so is the villain. Writing professionally has been a lifelong dream for as long as I can remember. I love bringing life to my characters and watching them grow and evolve and sometimes completely morph into something else as new ideas are born.

I am a very passionate person and my writing style focusses on the inner emotions, and feelings of the main characters.

Now that I have the writing bug nothing is going to stop me. I have so many ideas that are bursting out of me and I can’t wait to get them on paper. I am currently working on two projects, The first is a thriller that I hope will prove to be even more disturbing than the first. The second is a non fictional book that my oldest son and I are writing together on a very real and sensitive subject that has destroyed many families. Our plan is to share our personal experience in the hopes of helping other families. The subject matter is top secret until just before the release.

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  1. Hmmm... This sounds very intriguing! I am very curious about Charlie. I'll have to check this one out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Hi Nicole.

      I have to admit the whole thing sounds intriguing. If you get a chance to read it, please let me know what you thought of it.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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