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Review ~ A MERMAN IN MIAMI by Amy Armstrong

Merman in Miami (Huntress Chronicles #3)
by: Amy Armstrong
Series: Huntress Chronicles
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2014
Source: Publisher ~ Totally Bound

Tired of loving someone who doesn’t love her back, Mia decides to walk away from her hunting partner of ten years, but is Drew really as out of reach as she believes?

Mia Harding has been hunting vampires since she was sixteen years old—almost as long as she’s been in love with her overzealous hunting partner Drew Caine. Unfortunately, the only thing Drew seems passionate about is his job. Tired of longing for someone she can’t have, Mia makes the heart-breaking decision to find a new partner and cut all ties to Drew. But before she can make the request to the council, Mia and Drew are sent to Miami to retrieve one of the lost grimoires. Mia is determined to make it their last mission together—but first they have to survive it.

Drawn to the dark magic of the book, vampires and warlocks begin congregating in the city adding extra pressure to an already difficult mission. When the marine biologist thought to be in possession of the book turns up dead, the trail leads to the highly secretive merpeople. Entering their underwater realm will be problematic, but getting back out will be nearly impossible, especially when the merman king decides he wants Mia as his queen. Lonely and unhappy, Mia at first warms to the advances and the magnetic allure of the king, but maybe Drew isn’t as far out of her reach as she has always believed.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

A Merman in Miami is the third book in the Huntress Chronicles series. Although I did not read the other books, I did not have any trouble following along.  A Merman in Miami is the story of Drew and Mia.  They have been fighting alongside each other as vampire hunters for most of their lives.  Mia has gotten to a point where she can no longer deal with the unrequited love that she has for Drew.  Oddly enough, she has never told him about the romantic feelings that she has had for him.  Instead, she has decided that she will ask for a new partner so that she can go on with her life.  Before she gets the opportunity, she and Drew are sent to find a marine biologist that has gotten his hands on a book called a grimoire that can raise Lucifer.

There is an interesting cast of characters that include merpeople, vampires, warlocks, witches, angels, and demons.  I have never seen a situation in my exposure to the supernatural that has involved such a diverse group but I am clearly an amateur.  Although it was a short read, their interactions were interesting and it’s always fun to witness vampire hunters in action.  I could not understand why Mia was not interested in telling Drew how she felt, nor why she had no idea if Drew felt the same way about her.  Clearly, they had spent the past ten years trying to save the world and never considered how much they had saved each other.  With the introduction of the merpeople King, comes an opportunity for Mia and Drew to truly explore their feelings for each other. This results in an expected but sizzling climax; pun intended.

The shortness of the book led to a rapid conclusion that I appreciated.  I was drawn in, captivated, and relieved with the ending.  I would consider reading another book in the series granted the ensemble cast doesn’t get too convoluted.

Rating: 3.5

Read an excerpt and guest post from Amy here.

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