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Review ~ DARK DECADENCE by Colleen Charles

Dark Decadence (Baked Series, #3)
by: Colleen Charles
Series: Baked
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: February 9, 2016

The first time I saw Gabe in my sensual cupcake bakery, I had no idea who he was. All I knew was chiseled perfection like him could never really want a girl like me. That didn't stop me from craving and lusting after everything I could never have. Success.
And I was trapped in a twisted frenemy relationship with my douche bag ex fiancee. I never would have dreamed who Gabe really was, what he wanted and why he wanted it.
My f*cked up family taught me a lot. Take rather than give. Anything. Everything.
Ally made me feel clean. Whole. I'd do anything to have her and even more to keep her. In spite of my past but more importantly ... because of it.
I took her tenuous control and worshiped her killer curves. I never suspected she'd steal my heart.
Dark Decadence is the dramatic and exciting end of Colleen Charles’ Baked series. This is definitely a series you need to read from start to finish because the first two books, Red Velvet and Vanilla Vixen both end in cliffhangers, leading up to this book.

Colleen definitely saved the best for last with Dark Decadence.  The story was great, though at times a little flawed.  The story is told in first person from the alternating views of Ally and Gabe.  At times, Gabe seems to be talking to readers which I found to be a little weird since we were never included before and it was only done a couple of times.  Throughout the course of the series, Ally’s ex has been a pain in her side as well as Gabe’s.  I didn’t feel his storyline was resolved.

I don’t want to give anything about this book away because trust me, the surprises you will read are mind blowing.  I will, however, say this is a happy-ever-after story and both Ally and Gabe managed to rise above all the bitterness around them.  You get a sense of who their characters truly are when faced with surprising situations.

My rating for Dark Decadence is 5 stars, while my overall rating of the Baked series is 4 stars.

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Rating: 5

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