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Review ~ SEDUCING SUMMER by Serenity Woods

Seducing Summer (The Four Seasons, #1)
by: Serenity Woods
Series: The Four Seasons
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 29, 2016
Source: Author

Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love.

When a CEO falls in love with her PA, it can only lead to trouble…

Callie Summer, CEO of The Four Seasons lingerie business, is in shock. She’d expected her new PA to be a middle-aged frump, but Jean turns out to be Gene, and he’s neither middle-aged, nor anything like a frump. When the gorgeous Bond-lookalike insists he’ll be the perfect companion on her business trip around the country, Callie agrees to give him a trial. Having recently found her ex in bed with another woman, she’s not looking for love. But a little bit of private lusting never did anyone any harm.

Once a military journalist with the New Zealand Army, Gene now runs his own security firm. Hired by Callie’s mother, Phoebe, to secretly protect her daughter after Phoebe receives death threats against her family, Gene finds his work cut out for him. Callie’s as delectable as she is infuriating, and his urge to seduce her fights with his duty to keep her safe.

It’s not long before they give in to their passion, and the weather isn’t the only thing that turns hot and sultry as they travel further north. But Gene can’t keep his identity a secret from Callie forever. And when an attempt is finally made on her life, the truth threatens to break them apart.

Warning: it grows hotter and hotter as they travel north through the country. So does the weather.
Every once in awhile, I find a book that truly surprises me.  A book that on the surface I’m sure will be just like all the rest of them.  Same premise but not so predictable. Seducing Summer was one of those books.  It appears to be the typical romance that starts off with a lie and you expect that the lie will eventually come back and bite the hero in the rear end.  In Seducing Summer, things aren’t always what they seem. Sure, a lot of it is predictable but there’s a few unsuspected plot twists that make it all that much more interesting.  And it also makes things just a tad bit more realistic.

This is the story of Calinda “Callie” Summer and her travels throughout New Zealand with her new personal assistant Gene Bond to promote her lingerie shop, The Four Seasons that she owns with her other three friends.  The name of the shop is a play on the interpretation of the four friends’ names.  Callie’s mother Phoebe is a successful prosecutor at a large law firm who has been getting legitimate death threats from a newly released gangster.  Those death threats also mention harming Callie so Phoebe enlists the help of her friend Gene Bond who is the owner of a security firm.  Because Callie refuses to take the threats seriously, Gene has to pass himself off as a personal assistant looking for a job at Four Seasons.  Since he is a male, Callie hesitates in hiring him but finds that he is more than capable of doing the job.

While they are on their business tour, Callie and Gene spend plenty of time together. Callie is very blunt and sexy which makes it hard for Gene to maintain his distance and secretly protect her.  Callie eventually seduces Gene and he finds it hard not to blow his cover while getting underneath hers.  They truly burn up the sheets.  Callie is everything that Gene isn’t and that just fans the flames.  It’s funny watching Gene try to keep Callie at bay even as he is being drawn closer and closer to her.  And unlike the way women in other books are portrayed, Callie is very capable of being both professional and intimate with Gene.  She is a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously while he is much more guarded and focused.  Things don’t get dramatic until close to the end when Gene’s true purpose for being in Callie’s life has to be revealed.

I truly enjoyed Seducing Summer and look forward to reading the rest of the upcoming books in The Four Seasons series.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 5

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