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Review ~ FAMILY SINS by Sharon Sala

Family Sins
by: Sharon Sala
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Publisher: Mira Books


Felled by a cowardly shot to the back, Stanton Youngblood has just enough time before he dies to leave a single clue to his killer's identity: the word Wayne, scrawled in his own blood.

That word means everything to his widow. Leigh Youngblood was once Leigh Wayne, but she left her wealthy family behind thirty years ago when she fell in love with Stanton, a betrayal the Waynes have never forgiven. Now she publicly vows to discover which of her siblings thinks money and power are enough to cover up a murder.

Back in town to find his father's killer, prodigal son Brody finds his search for justice comes with an unexpected ray of light. He's loved Talia Champion forever, but when she said she couldn't marry him, he left town and never looked back. This time it's Talia who needs him, and it isn't in him to deny her anything.

But the killer still has a score to settle, and if that means spilling more blood—so much the better.
Family Sins was by far one of the best romantic suspense novels that I have read in awhile. It’s nothing like anything that I have read this year.  The story reads like a soap opera.  The title fits the book perfectly.  The way that two different families are portrayed is both sad and heartwarming.  One family is fractured and devoid of love while the other is united and compassionate.  It’s difficult to believe that these two families share some DNA.

Family Sins is the story of how the Youngblood family seeks justice and vengeance after their patriarch Stanton Youngblood is murdered.  Before Stanton dies, he writes the last name of his killer in the dirt.  That last name is his wife Leigh’s maiden name, Wayne.  The Waynes are Billionaires.  They disowned Leigh when she decided to marry below her station 30 years ago.  In fact, one of them threatened to kill Stanton back then. Ultimately, the Waynes had no idea what one of their kin had gotten them into by killing Stanton.  Leigh has five bold and fearless adult sons that will do anything for each other and their family. They have had nothing to do with the Waynes until now.  The oldest, Bowie along with his mother boldly calls the Waynes out.  At one point, the Youngbloods and the Waynes have a showdown that clearly demonstrates the differences between them.  And that was a confrontation that I can only describe as epic.  It sets the stage for all of the other great things that happen in the book.  While there is a significant amount of tragedy and loss, this is also a story of sacrifice and second chances.  I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that Bowie gets the love of his life back.

This is my first time reading Sharon Sala and I am now a huge fan.  I could easily visualize all of the scenes in this book.  It really came to life.  I look forward to reading other books by this author.

**Received a copy of the book courtesy of the publisher and I voluntarily reviewed it.**

Rating: 5

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