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Character Interview with Kat from Lauren Smith's Love in London series

Climax (Love in London, #3)
by: Lauren Smith
Series: Love in London
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 18, 2018
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One kiss with a stranger on a snowy night sent her life spinning out of control…

Kat Roberts’ logical plan of college then career has hit a brick wall… a tall, dark, and gorgeous, Union Jack of a brick wall. What happened? The future Earl of Pembroke, Tristan Kingsley, is what happened. Kat stupidly let herself fall for him despite knowing his father would rather dance naked around Big Ben than accept Kat as his son’s girlfriend. Not to mention Tristan’s womanizing past has her own father voting a big fat no way on their relationship too and leaves Kat reeling in the consequences of loving her handsome-as-sin Brit.

Tristan Kingsley isn’t going to let Kat go without a fight. It doesn’t matter that his father wants him to marry an English aristocrat to provide a political and social opportunity. But Tristan won’t be blackmailed by his father. He wants Kat in his life, in his bed, in his heart, so he’s going to fight for the love of his life using the very tabloids that once marked him as a womanizer. Except his brilliant plan has a dangerous back-lash, one nobody saw coming…One that could steal their happy ever after away…

Hello Kat. Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews.
Thank you so much for having me!! I’m so excited to be here today!

It’s good to have you here. When I think back to Seduction one thing which sticks out in my mind is what happened at the mall with the photographer. To me that was true romance. What did you think of the whole experience?
Ahh, yes. The Snow White and Prince Charming charity photoshoot. It’s one of those moments I still look back on and think it had to be a dream. We were in the most amazing realistic set with a wooded glen dusted in snow. I was wearing this beautiful medieval gown and laying in a glass coffin with a half-eaten apple in my hand, waiting for Tristan to come and kiss me. I know most girls don’t get to live out a fantasy, but I got to that day and it was one of the best moments of my life. I already loved Tristan by then, and it was the first time I felt that he just might love me too.

That was a beautiful moment. I can understand you wanting to keep your distance from Tristan. My question is what changed your mind, to make you truly give this relationship a try?
Some things you can’t fight. Tristan and I were linked in a way that seemed unbreakable. No matter how far away I ran from him, our bond was unshakable. I couldn’t picture my life without him and once I accepted that as a fact, I knew I had to be with him, even if we had to hide it from our parents.

What can readers expect from Climax?
*Laughs.* I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say that I spent a magical Christmas with Tristan, just the two of us in Cambridge before his father discovers us. Once the press got wind of our story…well things got dicey. I almost lost Tristan…

Magical Christmas is right. Your time together was really great. You’ve gone through a lot in your life, especially these last couple of months. If you could do anything different would you and what would it be?
I always try to live my life with no regrets. While there were things that happened which were scary and hard to face, I wouldn’t change anything. Tristan and I fought the world to be together, we earned our happy ending and I wouldn’t take anything back.

What’s the most romantic thing Tristan has ever done for you?
He said he would give up his title for me. I’m American. He’s British. Most Americans don’t get this, but giving up his birthright was huge. His world is very different from mine. Society expects him to marry a specific type of woman, one with a blue-blooded background who knows how to act queenly and run an estate. I didn’t know anything about that life and knew it would be tough to fit in. Tristan’s father threatened to take it all away and Tristan said he’d agree to it, so long as he could be with me. But it also meant his best friend Carter and his father would be without jobs too and I couldn’t let Tristan or Carter make those sacrifices, not because I was selfish for wanting Tristan in my life.

When Tristan appeared on the blog for Seduction, I asked him the same question I’m going to ask you. What do you think of Lauren Smith, your creator?
I think I’d probably want to slap her, then maybe hug her. She put us through hell but in the end, she gave us the happy ending we deserved.

She definitely put you guys through hell. But I really did enjoy the outcome. Is there anything you would like to say to readers, in regards to your “taboo” romance?
I think it’s not really taboo. We were two strangers who met as adults. I’m nineteen and he’s twenty-five. We dated for a while before we discovered our parents were dating back home. It’s not like we grew up in diapers together. We simply were tied together by a marriage after we’d fallen in love so I don’t think it’s taboo since we aren’t blood related.

Thank you for joining me Kat.
Thank you so much for having me!!

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