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Giveaway ~ WHAT THEY WANT US TO KNOW by Shawndra McWhorter

What They Want Us To Know: Messages of Hope, Meaning and Unity from the Animal Kingdom
by: Shawndra McWhorter
Genre: Non-fiction Inspirational
Release Date: February 2, 2021
Publisher: The Unapologetic Voice House LLC
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Have you ever wondered what animals would tell us if they could? This book will give you that chance to find out! By being able to receive downloaded messages from wild and domestic animals, Shawndra translates their messages for us. These animals have shared powerful messages of unity, connection and purpose, and steps that each of us are able to take to deepen the connection, find more meaning in our lives, and become the humans that the animals know we can be. You'll hear messages from 12 different animals on what they want us to know in order to live a more profoundly amazing life. You'll be given the opportunity to learn ways to be more compassionate, tolerant and heart-centered, to the animals and to each other.
Hi Shawndra. Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews. How are you?

I’m doing great, and thrilled to be here!

I’m glad to hear that. Could you please introduce yourself?
I currently live in Western Washington with my rescue dog, Norman. I’ve been an animal communicator since 2000, and am also a Reiki Master since 2001. I started working only on animals, then included humans when I realized it was helping the animals, and then finally figured out that we all matter – humans included – and came full circle to find balance in it all. I have volunteered to help animals in disasters (starting with Hurricane Katrina in 2005), was the president for Washington State Animal Response Team, and am currently on the board of directors with Kindred Souls Foundation. Both of those organizations are non-profits helping animals and humans.

You’ve just released your Non-fiction Inspirational book about animal communication, called What They Want Us to Know: Messages of Hope, Meaning and Unity From the Animal Kingdom. Why did you write this book?
In 2004, it just ‘came’ to me and I absolutely knew that I was to write this book. I knew the title, the concept and how it was going to be laid out. When I originally started doing healing work, I learned that most people will do more for their animals, than for themselves. It became clear that my path to helping humans was going to be through the animals.

I’m an animal lover and tend to have what I call in-depth conversations with my cats and dog. Do animals actually understand us?
I love that you have these conversations with your cats and dog! And yes, I really do believe that they understand us. I often will ask clients to let their animals know when something is going to be different in their schedule, or if they’ll be away on vacation, etc. And they say that their animals are far less stressed after having those conversations, than previously when they didn’t do that. Sometimes though, there can be confusion if the animals don’t do what we ask them to – we may think they don’t understand. I believe that animals have free will and make their own choices. So just because they hear what we say and understand us, doesn’t mean that we can make them do anything.

What is the strangest thing you think animals try to tell us?
From my experience, I’ve talked with so many animals that ‘push’ their humans to be more, to dig deeper, to find their purpose beyond our day-to-day lives. Not all humans want to hear that of course, but I just pass on the messages and hopefully, plant some seeds.

What twelve animals will readers hear from in your book?
Jellyfish of Palau, a horse named Jazz, Tarantula, Owl, Cheetah, Hippo, Bat, my dog Norman, Princess Angeline who was a resident Orca here in Washington, Cougar, Rattlesnake and my dog Joey, who started me on this path in 2000.

What do you think is the most important message from animals?
Ooh, good question. It will probably be different for each person, but I believe the most important message is how deeply connected we all are to each other, to them and to our environment. And, the impact we have on them all.

Shawndra, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
You’re so welcome, and thank you so much for having me!!

Chapter Seven Hippopotamus

HIPPO WAS THE FIRST TO open the door to what I could be, something that has made me more connected to my higher self than I ever thought possible. After Dr. Jeri Ryan had helped me communicate with my dog Joey, I took her animal communication class and Hippo was the first one that I connected with telepathically. I can still vividly remember how I felt when I tuned in to Hippo. It felt completely different from speaking to a human or even daydreaming. I was connected to something outside myself that I didn’t even know was there but that felt instantly familiar. It felt more real and genuine than most of the conversations I’ve had with humans. It felt clear, honest, kind, and deeper than what I was used to with most humans. And it happened in a matter of minutes, not months or years of building trust. While Joey was the catalyst to bring me to this moment, Hippo was the one who I listened to for the first time and who opened my heart to more awareness of this new path.

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Shawndra McWhorter has been an animal communicator since 2000, and is also an Usui and KarunaⓇ Reiki Master, working with humans and animals. Shawndra has helped more than 500 animals and their humans with her communication and healing skills. Shawndra is a past president of Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART), and also serves on the Board of Directors with Kindred Souls Foundation, both 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations dedicated to helping animals. Shawndra began her disaster animal rescue work in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, where she deployed outside of New Orleans, LA to help rescue and care for the animals left behind. She has deployed to Chile, Peru, and to several states in the US volunteering helping animals recover from disasters. Shawndra also volunteered with Wolf Haven International in Tenino, WA for nearly eight years, and is still active in supporting their mission. She is the owner of Sanskrit Healing, using her skills to help humans, animals and the environment find balance. Shawndra has spent most of her life helping others and won an Emmy for a documentary that she directed and edited on illegal aliens in Southern California. Her approach is to educate and help others make mindful, ethical choices based on facts and data. Shawndra currently lives in Washington State with her dog Norman, who survived the EF5 tornado that hit Moore, OK in 2013.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful read!

    1. Thank you Leonie! It was really fun to write!

  2. I would love to know what my cats think.

    1. They probate talking with you already. You can definitely learn to hear them!

  3. Sounds like a great read. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. Interesting ideas! It would be fascinating to have a deeper connection with animals.


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