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Review ~ MONTANA DAWN by Roxanne Snopek

Montana Dawn (Wild Sky, #1)
by: Roxanne Snopek
Series: Wild Sky
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Release Date: December 18, 2020
Publisher: Simon Creek Press
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Needing a fresh start from a bad job and worse ex-fiancé, child-therapist Aurora McAllister answers a realtor's ad for a guesthouse on the beautiful, serene Three River Ranch. She shows up at the ranch with her trusty Labradoodle, tired, heartbroken, but determined to do what she's always done: find the bright side.

Cowboy and conservationist Carson Granger has enough trouble in his life without adding a woman and her dog to the mix. The mustang he rescued is almost ready to go back to her wild band. The details of his late, estranged father's put the very future of Three River in jeopardy. He doesn't want help from anyone, especially an overly-optimistic stranger, however Carson soon realizes there's a lot more to Rory than meets the eye. She might be exactly what he needs.

But does Three River Ranch mean enough to him to let her in?

Is Rory strong enough to overcome the Granger curse?

Or will Carson do the right thing and send her away before it's too late?

Montana Dawn is the first book in Roxanne Snopek's Wild Sky series. Aurora (Rory) McAllister is in desperate need of a fresh start. She’s left her job, her best friend, the city she lives in, and her cheating ex-fiance behind. Rory is so desperate that she even answers a realtor’s ad for a guesthouse. Rory signs all the rental paperwork, site unseen. Little did she expect the not so welcome surprise that she would receive.

Carson Granger is the oldest of Derek and Marie Granger’s two boys. Marie died of cancer before Carson and his brother Mitchell started high school. After their mother’s death, things got pretty bad for the Granger men. Derek has recently died and has left a stipulation in his will that his sons are not to get the multimillion-dollar ranch known as Three River unless they get married and have a family. Because of the way Derek was with his boys, he knew they would never come back home and agree to such a thing. It’s always interesting how when a person knows that their time on this earth is coming to a close, they try to make things right. Could one of the last times that Carson and Derek spoke to each other hold an important key for Carson?

Carson’s passion lies with wild mustangs. In fact, he’s just rescued a beautiful, full-blooded, Spanish mustang named Stormy. Carson’s hope is to get a research grant that will enable him to look after his beloved mustangs and buy Three River Ranch out-right and not give in to his father’s “pig-headed” demands.

I love when the hero and heroine of a book first meet. It sets up how they are going to interact throughout the book. Carson has been out of touch for a month or so and didn’t make it a priority to return his lawyer’s phone calls. Thus, he wasn’t expecting a stranger with a funny-looking dog to be on his property when he returned home. And Rory wasn’t expecting to run into someone who was accusing her of trespassing. With Rory being very pregnant, the two come to an agreement to share the guesthouse for a couple of months. Awwww, instant friendship. Okay, not really.

Montana Dawn is one of those stories where you already know what’s going to happen. But who cares???? A romance book is all about the journey. Roxanne Snopek did an excellent job. Oh, and of course there’s the must shed a tear moment. Darn her.

In the midst of chaos, Rory manages to calm a scared and nervous Stormy and chip away at the sometimes cold and hard exterior of Carson. Rory and Carson are two people who need each other and don’t even know it. I loved all the characters in this book, from the twins Bliss and Blythe, to Jonah, Carson’s attorney, to his good friend Zach, and Rory’s best friend in the whole world Desiree. I’m very excited that there are other books in this series.

It should be noted that Montana Dawn was previously released as Three River Ranch.   

~ Favorite Quotes ~

“Things happen for a reason, and the stranger the thing, the bigger the reason.”

“A person should never be sorry for loving someone. Only for not loving someone.”

**Received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.**

Rating: 4

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