Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Callie's Cowboy by Karen Leabo

Callie’s Cowboy is a re-issue of Karen Leabo’s book from 1996.  However, I’ve never read anything by Karen before, so this book is new to me.

I got more than what I was looking for with this book.  Instead of being just a straight forward contemporary romance, it’s a contemporary romance with a little mini-suspense mixed in.

The Prologue sets up this three part Brides of Destiny series.  The series involves three high school best friends, Callie Calloway, Lana Walsh, and Millicent Whitney.  During their senior year in high school at the spring carnival, the three girls are told their future, by a Fortune-Teller named Theodora.  Theodora gives the girls souvenir mementos from their fortune, as a way for them to remember.  Callie is given a plastic key chain in the shape of a cowboy boot.  Lana is given a toy police badge.  Millicent is given a small brown medicine bottle.  This magical encounter is basically forgotten in the passing years.
The story takes place in Destiny, Texas.  Eight years after high school sweethearts, Sam Sanger and Callie Calloway have broken up.  Sam runs a family ranch called Roundrock in Babcock, Nevada.  Callie is editor of the hometown newspaper, The Daily Record.  In the eight years since their breakup, both Sam and Callie have gone on to live their lives.  But they never stopped loving each other and wondering what if.

The story starts with the funeral of Johnny Sanger, Sam’s father.  From the moment Sam and Callie see another sparks fly, some good and some bad.  Throughout the story you have Beverly, Sam’s mother, trying to subtly play matchmaker and not so subtly being the peacekeeper.
Even after Sam and Callie broke up, Callie remained very close to Beverly.  So, when Beverly asks Callie to help her, by looking into something, Callie agrees to do so.  As if more tension is needed between Sam and Callie, Callie’s questioning of things rubs Sam the wrong way.  What unfolds surprises Callie herself, and possibly the whole town.

The same issues which broke up Sam and Callie eight years previously are still the same issues which could keep them apart now.  However in eight years people grow older and learn what’s really important.
I found my first book by Karen Leabo to be an enjoyable read.  I’m looking forward to the remaining books in this series.

I received this book through a contest win.

Rating:  3
Purchase through: Amazon

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