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Feature Spotlight & Giveaway ~ THE COWBOY'S HOMECOMING SURPRISE by Jennifer Hoopes

The Cowboy’s Homecoming Surprise (Fly Creek, #2)
by: Jennifer Hoopes
Series: Fly Creek
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 9, 2018
Publisher: Entangled ~ Bliss
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This cowboy’s about to get the surprise of his life...

Single mom Peyton Brooks’s first Friday night out—with adults—in forever isn’t exactly going the way she’d expected. She can line dance at the local dive bar with the best of ‘em, but she can’t shake the feeling she’s completely out of her depth. Then the first man she ever loved walks in the door, bringing chaos, especially since the handsome cowboy’s the father of her daughter. This definitely calls for whiskey…

Ryder Marks’s homecoming isn’t going how he’d planned. After years of working hard and finding success in Alaska, he’d thought returning to Fly Creek, Wyoming would feel different, more triumphant. Instead, he finds a daughter he knew nothing about, a father who still harbors anger and resentment toward him, and a former love he never forgot and who still warms his heart. Now he just has to convince Peyton he intends to stay and be the man she deserves, even if that means letting her go.

Peyton lay in her bed, willing the room to stop tilting from one side to the other. Perhaps then her heart would resume some form of normal rhythm and that tingling in the vicinity of her neglected female regions would cease its chant for Ryder Marks and his damn “I’ve gotten a million times better at kissing in the last ten years” lips. She had no one to blame but herself.

And maybe a half a bottle of peach schnapps.

And perhaps Ryder himself, and maybe Shelby for not giving her fair warning and for sending him over here.

But really it was her hand that had snaked around his neck, tangling with hair as silky as she remembered and bringing his lips to hers.

It was self-preservation, really. Well, maybe 95 percent that and 5 percent curiosity, but all she could hear was him asking about Mel’s room and she just couldn’t tell him. Not then. And she wasn’t sure she was compos mentis enough to evade effectively. She would tell him tomorrow. It definitely wasn’t the kind of revelation one made standing in their bedroom, piss poor drunk with a lumberjack god standing before you.

She touched her lips, still warm and branded from their brief time attached to Ryder’s. Her cheeks stung thanks to his short scruffy beard. It would seem natural that living in Alaska might bring out the facial hair, and it worked on every level possible on Ryder Marks. She wondered, not for the first time over the years, why he chose Alaska and what had kept him there. Maybe that could be the opening she needed tomorrow? She could catch up with him over coffee at Potter’s or maybe even convince him to hit the teahouse, Garden Grows. She’d thank him for his help tonight and find out what he had been up to and then she could tell him about Mel.

In public.

Where he was less likely to cause a scene. Ten years was a long time to not know something like that, even if he’d chosen the isolation. He’d set the rules in leaving and she’d been forced to abide by them.

Had he built himself a new life? Did he have a wife? She lurched up, closing her eyes on a nausea-induced groan. Oh God, had she kissed a married man? Did he have a family? Did Mel have half siblings wandering around?

Each one of those scenarios sat about as well as the thought of eating on top of her peach-drenched stomach. Why anything to do with Ryder Marks should bother her really made no sense in her perfectly ordered and no surprises world. Just because his kiss lingered on, and he was all hard muscle and scruffy sex, didn’t mean squat to her.

She flopped back down. He was here in town for a reason and then he would leave. And she would be just the same as before except she would know that Ryder finally knew about Mel. And maybe she would finally know why he left her. Nowhere in any of that “knowing” did more kisses or sex or anything that fell in between figure into the equation. Short and sweet and in the past.

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Jennifer lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. When not writing, she can usually be found elbow deep in flour or inhaling chlorine as she cheers her daughter on at a swim meet. She loves musicals, caramel and roller coasters, and lists Machu Picchu at the top of her bucket list. She is a member of RWA and is the President of her local chapter, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers.

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Jennifer will be awarding one winner a paperback copy of HER COWBOY’S PROMISE (ebook internationally) & an ebook copy of THE COWBOY’S HOMECOMING SURPRISE.



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  4. I enjoy reunion stories and I love the cover of this book.

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