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⛪❄️🎄 A CORNER CHURCH CHRISTMAS by Ginny Baird ~ Interview & Excerpt 🎄❄️⛪

A Corner Church Christmas (Christmas Town, #6)
by: Ginny Baird
Series: Christmas Town
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 12, 2018
Publisher: Winter Wedding Press
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Come home this Christmas to...
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird continues her heartwarming holiday series... 

When good-looking David Chavez comes to Christmas Town to serve as the local pastor, the last thing he envisions is becoming attracted to one of his parishioners. Pretty Liz Martin is talented at more than handicrafts and caring for babies during her day job at a nursery. Shy Liz is also adept at turning outgoing David’s head. Yet—after years of romantic disappointments—Liz has given up on finding true love. Then special seasonal cookies lend a hint of holiday magic to happenings at the Corner Church, and Liz starts to wonder…if she can dare to believe in miracles and happy endings.

Hi Ginny. Welcome back to Read Your Writes Book Reviews. How are you?
I’m doing well, Kim! Thanks so much for inviting me back on your blog. It’s a really great one, and I’m honored to be here.

Thank you so much. We’re going to talk about your new release, A Corner Church Christmas, and your Christmas Town series in general. But I’m sure someone is looking at this post and then their calendar, thinking it’s only July. What are your thoughts on Christmas in July?
I love, love, love Christmas in July! What better way to beat the summer heat than immersing yourself in a winter wonderland filled with snow, Christmas cookies, and a little bit of holiday magic? The cool thing about this series is it allows you to experience the joy of Christmas at any time of year.

It really does. Though I did wish my Christmas tree was up, when I was reading A Glorious Christmas. I don’t know if you’ve realized it or not, but you probably do, I LOVE this series. There are currently six books, with plans for two novellas. What would you say to convince someone who hasn’t read this series to give it a try?
First of all, thanks so much for your kind compliment on the series! I’m thrilled that you’re loving Christmas Town. Regarding your question…

Oh gosh! That’s a tall order. Lol… I guess I would say this is a good series to try if you’d like to reawaken your heart to the magic of Christmas. That marvelous feeling that enveloped you as a child—because you believed in your soul that Santa was real. These are not straight-up, boy-meets-girl Christmas romances. The magical dimension makes them whimsical and fun, and also—I hope—original and unique. Christmas Town, Tennessee is a one-of-a-kind place!

I love that answer!!! Man. Those last two questions were hard. How about an easy one? Is Christmas Town, Tennessee based off of a real town?
Yes, indeed. It’s based on a small historic East Tennessee town called Jonesborough. My husband has family roots in Jonesborough, and when we visited the area a couple of years ago, I decided to set a book series there. If you toured Jonesborough today, you probably wouldn’t recognize it as the basis for Christmas Town. None of the streets or shops have holiday-type names. And—to my knowledge—its residents don’t have surnames like Christmas and Claus. But, the quaint locale did serve as a springboard for my imagination. There is, in fact, a building of connected townhomes on the main street called Sisters’ Row. And, there’s a former inn that now houses the town historical society, from which I got the idea for creating the Grand Hotel. So, there were definitely locations that provided inspiration, only in Christmas Town everything is much more Christmasy!

What can you tell readers about the Christmas and Claus families?
Oohhh, that they’re extra special! Siblings Sandy and Nick Claus pretty much interact as regular people in Christmas Town, until each starts respectively falling in love (Sandy with Ben Winchester in Book 2, and Nick with Olivia Livingston in Book 3), which causes the emergence of certain, out-of-control family abilities related to their unusual ancestry.

The three Christmas brothers: Ray, Walt, and Kurt, are all exceptionally handsome men, with special talents of their own. There is a common family tie between the Chrismases and the Clauses from the distant past, and this DNA link is what enables members of each clan to create their own special brand of holiday magic—whether they want to intentionally, or not… In Walt Christmas’s case, he really doesn’t want to embrace his “gifts”, which makes for some totally hilarious scenes in A Glorious Christmas (Book 5).

Those scenes were what really put a smile on my face. They were definitely hilarious. The cookies made by Hannah Livingston have been mentioned several times in all the books. What makes them so special?
This is part of the mystery that everyone wants to know. It’s also a topic that the hero and heroine in Book 6, David Chavez and Liz Martin, get to explore. Hannah Livingston bakes three varieties of her famous Virginia Cookies, which she sells at the Christmas Cookie Shop. Each is supposedly imbued with special powers able to elicit good works, forgiveness, and true love. We see a lot about the third kind of cookie, called the Commitment Cookie, in the early books. In A Corner Church Christmas (Book 6), we get a glimpse at what the Charity Cookie and the Clemency Cookie can do. And, in Books 7 and 8, the final books in the series, we learn even more.

Readers of this series will understand this next question. Why Mr. Noodles? What is the deal with him?
Hahaha. Oh my goodness. Mr. Noodles is really a touchstone of sorts, and a recurring theme that hopefully readers will have fun with, as this odd craft creation helps inject humor into the stories, while highlighting the unabashed quirkiness of characters like Lou Christmas. Mr. Noodles is one of the “old friends” we see, or hear about, again and again as we move through the books. Each time he appears, we’re reminded we’re in a place that’s at once familiar (to those of us who’ve visited Christmas Town before), and also full of surprises (for newcomers).

Tell me about A Corner Church Christmas.
A Corner Church Christmas is Liz Martin and David Chavez’s story. We get to know Liz in the earlier books, first as a waitress at Santa’s Sandwich Shop, and later as a craft designer and an employee at the local daycare. Liz is the helpful sort, but also a bit shy and unsure of herself in the romance department. She’s been holding out for her “true Prince Charming,” and readers will be happy to see her meet one in A Corner Church Christmas.

Great-looking David Chavez isn’t looking for love when he comes to Christmas Town to serve as the interim pastor at the Corner Church. But, he’s immediately captured by Liz’s spunk and her spark. Liz, for her part, has a huge crush on David. But, she frets about it. She’s concerned about being older than him—and the fact that he’s her pastor. It’s fun to see how these worries get resolved, while watching Liz’s self-confidence grow. I had the best time writing their story.

What do you love about Liz Martin and David Chavez?
I love how honest they are with each other, even when they’re discussing things that are incredibly delicate and difficult. Their interactions are so touching, and their chemistry is very cute!

Can you tell me about one of your favorite scenes from the book and why does it rank as a favorite?
Oh my! I loved lots of scenes from this book, but Liz and David’s first kiss is special. They’ve gone ice skating at Miller’s Pond (a new Christmas Town location introduced in this book), and their coming together is ultra sweet. Something surprising happens too, but I can’t give too much away without spoiling the story. I do hope readers will enjoy this scene as much as I did when I was writing it.

I have a feeling A Corner Church Christmas has really surprised you. How so?
There were certain magical elements I wasn’t expecting in this book, and those were really fun! Mostly though, I was surprised by the deep emotions experienced by the characters. I found myself crying while writing in more than one place. But, also laughing—and sighing—a lot, too!

I’ve alluded to the series coming to an end. But have you thought about continuing it, focusing on the next generation? 
Wow, what a very good question! At this point, I have to answer honestly and say that I don’t know what the next phase will be for Christmas Town—if there is one. At present, I still have two more stories to write: Books 7 and 8, which are Joy and Noelle Christmas’s romances, and I want to be sure to give them the same loving attention I gave the earlier books, while making them the best—and the most fun!—stories they can be. Perhaps in the future (I’m talking a ways down the road), I might revisit Christmas Town for a reunion story, with a younger generation romance as the centerpiece. But, at this point, that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, once I wrap up this series this fall (2018), there will be eight wonderful books for readers to enjoy. The series was originally envisioned as having eight parts, and Book 8 has been planned all along as a story that will help bring closure to the series (dating back to some questions posed as early as Book 1). I hope its conclusion will leave readers feeling happy and satisfied that their time in Christmas Town was well spent.

Though I’m sad to see the series end, I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for two remaining novellas. Okay Ginny. I could seriously talk with you forever about this series. But I’m going to force myself to end this interview now. Thank you so much for sitting down and answering some questions for me. I’m looking forward to reading more of your books.
Aww, you’re so sweet, Kim. Thank you! It’s been such a pleasure speaking with you today, and I’ve appreciated the excellent, thought-provoking questions. As always, thanks for your generous support of my books, and most particularly my Christmas Town series. I hope you enjoy your return to Christmas Town, Tennessee with A Corner Church Christmas.

Thank you.  I'm sure I will.  I LOVE this series!!!

Liz nodded numbly, mesmerized by David’s sudden, dire need to spend time with her. It felt interesting, and exciting, and perhaps a tiny bit dangerous. Oh, if he only knew how much she’d been thinking about him! But, Liz would never tell. She was determined for that not to happen. She wouldn’t embarrass herself by being the wanton older woman next door.

David was probably just being…charitable. Yeah, that word seemed to fit. Perhaps he saw her as a lonely parishioner in need of a friend, and he was doing his pastorly duty? Although Liz wasn’t that lonely. Not for friends, anyway. Romantically, though…? Liz choked on the thought, and started coughing.

“You okay?” His brow creased concernedly, as Liz covered her mouth with her gloved hands.

“Um-hmm. Just…got a little tickle….”

David leaned toward her and Liz’s car seemed to rock. What? Liz clutched her steeling wheel, deciding she’d imagined it, because David clearly hadn’t noticed.

“How about water?” he asked, and Liz felt a whoosh, like a big balmy wind or something. It was like David’s overwhelming charisma had pushed Liz’s car sideways, causing it to tip up ever-so-slightly on its two right tires. Jumping jelly beans, she was cracking up!

“No thanks!” Liz said, hacking harder. “I’ve got a….cough drop in my purse.” She tentatively released the wheel and frantically searched for one, digging it out and unwrapping it. The instant she popped it her mouth, Liz felt better. She stared down at the wrapper noting the candy’s flavor and her heart stilled: peppermint.

Sweat broke out on Liz’s hairline and underneath her coat, as her car settled back on the ground. Liz had no idea what was happening, but she needed to get home, and far away from David. At least until tomorrow… Sugar. Plum. Fairy.

“That seems to be helping,” David observed with a smile. By now, his eyelashes were coated with heavy white flakes.

“You should probably get inside,” she urged him. “It’s below freezing out.”

All of a sudden, David seemed to notice the weather. He hugged his arms around himself, giving a shiver. “Wow. You’re right.”

“Bye, David!”

Liz started to roll up her window, but David knocked on the glass.

“Four at Jolly Bean Java, right?”

“Yeah, sure! Sounds good!”

Liz’s head pounded at her temples as she pulled out of the parking lot. That was the most unusual exchange she’d ever had with a man. Maybe with any person—period.

Liz caught a glimmer in her rearview mirror, and peered into it, seeing David slipping back inside the church through the door to the Fellowship Hall. But that wasn’t the amazing part. It was those beaming bright lights shining out from the church’s tall, white steeple. They seemed to shimmer and dance with a multitude of sparkles: thin silver slivers and shiny gold stars.

Liz slammed on her brakes and turned with a gasp to stare back at the church, viewing it over her shoulder.

But the building just looked normal, sitting there in the falling snow.

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Romance writer Ginny Baird has published novels in print and online and received screenplay options from Hollywood for her family and romantic comedy scripts. Whether writing light hearted romantic comedy or spine-tingling romantic suspense, she delights in delivering heartwarming stories.

She is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, a Top 10 Best Seller on Kindle, NOOK and iBooks, and a #1 Best Seller in several Romance and Women's Fiction categories. When she's not writing, Ginny enjoys cooking, biking and spending time with her family in Virginia. Ginny loves hearing from her readers! She invites you to visit her website and connect with her on social media.

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