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Review ~ SECRET SISTER by Emelle Gamble

To their friends, Nick and Cathy Chance have the perfect marriage. High school sweethearts who’ve been together for ten years, they’ve weathered challenges and are as committed as they were when they first fell in love. Cathy trusts Nick, Nick’s world revolves around his wife, and the future looks golden.
To everyone who knows them, Cathy Chance and Roxanne Ruiz have a perfect friendship. They connected in grade school and since then have been each other’s confident and trusted advisor. Cathy loves the gorgeous Roxanne like a sister, Roxanne has fun-loving Cathy’s back in every situation, though lately there’s been tension between these two best friends…
And then, on a sunny summer morning, the unthinkable occurs, throwing into doubt the truth of what each of these people really know about themselves and one another.
Will Roxanne’s sacrifice be too little, and too late? Should Nick’s love for his wife be strong enough to risk trusting his heart more than logic? Can Cathy’s devotion to Nick give her enough strength to convince him to see her for who she really is?
Secret Sister proves how strong, how stubborn, and how trustworthy love can be as Nick and Cathy and Roxanne are challenged to overcome the secrets, the lies … and one extraordinary twist of fate that turns their lives upside down.


SECRET SISTER starts off with Cathy and Roxanne driving to an appointment.  They call each other Secret Sisters because they are always doing things together.
Cathy is married to Nick and the three of them are very good friends.  Nick, however is a little jealous, I think, because Cathy spends so much time with Roxanne.  Through no fault of their own, something terrible and out of control happens.  This tragedy ends up hurting a lot of people.
The secret you will find out will shock you and trust me, there are a lot of secrets throughout this book.  SECRET SISTER has lies, deceit, and so much more.  The unknown will have you guessing in this book.  Do you believe in magic? Is it possible things like this could happen? What would you do?
The one thing I didn’t like was some of Nick’s interactions with his wife.  I was left with an uneasiness as to how Nick actually felt about Cathy.  Sometimes the past isn’t always the past and people tend to see things you don’t realize they do.  But overall, I liked the book.
Rating: 4
Release Date: July 8, 2013
Book Length: 279 pages
Source: NetGalley
Reviewed by: Mona
Reading format: Available only in eBook

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