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Review ~ UNCHARTED TERRITORY by Tamsen Parker

Uncharted Territory (The Compass, #.5)
by: Tamsen Parker
Series: The Compass
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2015
Source: Author

Before there was Cris, there was Hunter…

Eighteen-year-old India Burke has been waiting for as long as she can remember to escape her life of material feast and emotional famine. Going away to college offers separation from her noxious family and a connection with the best friend a girl could ask for.

While her peers are picking majors and navigating the pool of college dating, Reyes Walter introduces India to the intoxicating world of dominance and submission and to a man who will become utterly obsessed with her. Hunter Vaughn is older, handsome, and just the right kind of arrogant. And he’s never wanted anything as badly as he’s wanted to possess India.

As she comes into her own in these consuming relationships, where pain so often results in pleasure and submission is a gateway to freedom, it’s difficult to define sacrifice. But when Hunter issues a ruthless ultimatum, India will have to choose: give up half of herself or break free of the bondage and belonging she’s always craved.

** Please note: Uncharted Territory is a prequel to Personal Geography. This erotic coming-of-age has no happily ever after, but does offer compelling kink, scorchingly hot sex, and brutal psychological warfare.**

The prequel to Personal Geography and Intimate Geography, Uncharted Territory takes us back to the time when 18 year-old India Burke entered the D/s world. Tamsen Parker's little trigger on the synopsis for this wasn't wrong, because there is no happy ever after (we wouldn't have had the subsequent books if there were) and it does contain psychological warfare. Although if I'm honest, it wasn't quite as brutal as I expected...

“Fantasy and reality don’t always match up, and that’s completely okay.”

Already knowing how India's future panned out made this a different reading experience. She was very much a character I warmed to as her story with Cris progressed, but this gives a much deeper insight as to why she became the driven, independent woman she was and it surprised me just how lost she was. Hunter wasn't the man I was expecting. Ruthless, possessive and dominant in every sense of the word, I wasn't expecting to find someone who came over quite likeable at times, yet in the next breath had the capability to leave you feeling uncomfortable.

“As long as you’re mine, no one will hurt you.”

Covering seven years, there are time hops but they work well and the story flows, although I would have liked a little more depth as India entered into her D/s relationship with Hunter. And having loved Rey from the start of the series, it was great to see how they met and formed their friendship. But, whether you have read the subsequent books in this series or not, this is a worthy addition that I recommend; Tamsen Parker has the ability to take her reader on a real journey and I look forward to more from her in the future.

**Copy generously received courtesy of the author for an honest and unbiased opinion.  It was my pleasure.**

Rating: 4

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