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Review ~ MY NEW YEAR FLING by Serenity Woods

My New Year Fling (Love Comes Later, #2)

by: Serenity Woods
Series: Love Comes Later
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2016

A ‘holiday fling’ romance


I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, I’m sure I’m in the book of Guinness World Records, and unfortunately, this year has proved no exception. Telling my boss’s wife that we were having an affair was probably the biggest mistake, but the lying bastard broke my heart, so I don’t regret it. I do regret losing my job, though, especially now I’m broke. Frankly, I’m glad it’s nearly New Year, and I can put this annus horribilis behind me. If only I could do the same with the rest of my life, things might start to look up.

When I see a guy lying on the deck of the beach house next to mine, I make sure I look the other way. I want a quiet, uncomplicated New Year, and I’m not going to get involved with a complete stranger, especially one who’s obviously got issues of his own. But then his family invites me to Christmas dinner on the beach, and his dark eyes tempt me into saying yes. Well, it’s better to regret the things you’ve done than the things you haven’t. Right?


Life’s been tough for a few years, ever since my twin brother died. Christmas is always the hardest time, and as usual I escape to the beach where I plan to spend the rest of the festive season drinking myself into a stupor. Then I meet Jess. A hot fling is just what the doctor ordered, and both of us enjoy escaping the harsh reality of life for a week or two. But Jess has secrets, and one of them turns up on New Year’s Day to explode her life like a grenade.

I don’t want to get involved. I know Jess is short of cash, and if I tell her that I’m rich by nature as well as by name, I’ll never know whether it’s me she wants or my money. I need to tell her goodbye and let her sort her fucked-up life out herself. But she’s crawled under my skin and inside my brain and into my heart. I hunger for her. And I discover that I can’t let her go.

Warning: This book is like a strong cup of coffee—rich, dark, and intense. You have been warned.


My New Year Fling is the second book in Serenity Woods’ Love Comes Later series.  It picks right up after the events in the first book, My Christmas FiancĂ©.  This time, the story focuses on another business partner of the very successful video game development company called Katoa in New Zealand.  The partner’s name is Richard “Rich” Wright and he lives up to his name because he is actually a billionaire, just not a very happy one during the Christmas season which is where this book begins.  Rich’s twin brother died four years ago during the holiday season so Rich truly hates this time of year.  As soon as the office shuts down for the holidays, Rich goes up to the small family beach house and drinks himself into a drunken stupor.  Generally, Rich has been able to do this without interruption but this year is different because he finds himself enamored by a beautiful and intriguing woman that is staying at the beach house next to him.

On the other side of this coin is Jessica “Jess” Phillips.  She is staying at a friend’s beach house to get away from her sad life.  Unknowingly, she was having an affair with a married man that she worked with.  Once she found out and told his wife about it, she was fired. Consequently, she is unemployed.  Add that to the other baggage from her past and she is feeling pretty sorry for herself as well.  Early on, she notices that her neighbor Rich must be trying to bury his sorrows with alcohol so she quietly keeps an eye on him and eventually introduces herself.  She has no idea that he is wealthy and he doesn’t bother to tell her. Rich doesn’t believe in love but he opens up to Jess and they call themselves having a fling while they are there for the holidays.  Of course, they get to know each other and realize that they may have something special.  Unfortunately, a blast from Jess’s past creates a rift in their budding relationship and they work to get back together.  Though they are from different worlds, they are really good for each other.

I really enjoyed My New Year Fling.  Clearly, some of it was predictable but overall there was some refreshing nuances that made this romance not seem so typical.  In addition, Rich’s and Jess’s time between the sheets was atomic.  I look forward to reading the next book, My Valentine Seduction and hope it brings the series to a neat ending.

**Received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed the book.**

Rating: 5

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