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Ninette Swann's Just the Messenger Character Interview

Ninette Swann is a journalist turned novelist who writes her books from sunny Florida in between parenting, freelancing and editing.  She writes all genre of romance, including contemporary, thriller, suspense, and dystopian.  Her books include Hit and Stay, Body Combat, Finding Home, Just the Messenger and Direct Combat.

Connect with Ninette Swann:

When Graciela Merced fumbles a package she’s delivering for her mysterious and sexy boss, Gene Hardy, she finds out he’s more than just a wealthy photographer.  Prepared to lose her job, she confronts him…and ends up embroiled in the tricky takedown of a powerful drug cartel pushing cocaine into the heart of New York City.
Marco Valencia is an undercover agent, working against time—and against Gene Hardy—to crack Angel’s Drug Cartel before the story makes it to the press.  When Hardy’s luscious Venezuelan messenger literally falls at his feet, he has no idea just how well he’ll get to know the beauty or how difficult it will be to drop her.
Hardened by experience, Gene Hardy takes his undercover work seriously, and charges a hefty price.  When Grace makes a careless mistake and hurls him back into the visage of Marco Valencia, he must either fire her, or involve her in a twisted plot that could kill them all.
As the two men battle over their feelings for Graciela—and their attraction to each other—one thing becomes perfectly clear.
Grace is much more than just the messenger.
It's a menage book with high heat, but packed full of action and mystery, too!

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If you follow the blog, then you know that I LOVE character interviews.  I love finding out what they are really like, “outside” of the book.  Character interviews allow us readers a chance to get to know the characters a little better.  And of course, the interviews, in my opinion, are so much better when the authors themselves sit down with the characters.

I asked Ninette to sit the characters down from Just the Messenger and have a little conversation with them.  Check out what they all had to say.

We’re here at the wrap-up of Just the Messenger Blog Tour, and we’ve gathered the crew to answer some of our questions about their adventure. Gracie, the messenger-turned-spy; Gene, the photography business owner (who’s really a private espionage provider); Marco, esteemed member of the IIB; and Warren, star reporter for Cablenette. Let’s get right to it.

Grace, how did you feel when you saw those first photographs?

Grace: God, I was shocked. Scared, I guess, and, of course, mortified for being such a klutz in front of Marco. But think about it. You assume you’re bringing pictures of landscapes and families to clients, and instead you’re transferring evidence of murder scenes? It’s jarring to say the least.

You kept it together, though. What ran through your mind before you told Gene?

Grace: Well, I hadn’t intended on telling him, but my mother always told me honesty was the best policy. I wasn’t sure what would happen. If he’d fire me, or worse, kill me. I was ready to go into hiding, to be honest.

And Gene, why did you decide to incorporate Grace into your operation? Wasn’t that a security risk?

Gene: When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you know a good egg from a bad one. Grace was innocent, almost naïve, but she has a strong will on her, and guts to spare. You can tell that just from the way she holds herself. It was a risk, sure. But I take them every day, so what was one more? Plus, she turned out to be invaluable.

And how did you feel about your dealings with Marco?

Gene: Well, technically, we’re enemies, you know? But I knew the man from way back, and again, good egg / bad egg. He’s a good one. He was a great test for Gracie. I knew he wouldn’t let her get hurt, and I knew he was skilled enough not to let her kill him. Basically, I had it all under control.

But you were a loose cannon, Warren. How do you feel about working with these spies?

Warren: Loose cannon? I wouldn’t say that. I’m just marching to a different beat. These schmoes are great and everything, but the only one with star quality here is me, and I think I showed that throughout our travels. If not for me, this whole thing would have tanked.
Marco: Dude, I saved your ass, and so did Grace. And come to think of it, so did Gene.
Warren: Yeah, but whose name is on that story? Any of you? No? That’s right. It’s Warren Bell.

Marco, you seem to be the one with the most common sense. Was it difficult keeping these other folks in line?

Marco: It’s always tough being the wet blanket, but someone’s got to do it, and I’m not about to let people I care about get hurt. It’s one of the things that makes me a good agent. That and my loyalty.

You were very loyal to Grace. Was it hard competing with Gene for her affection?

Marco: Of course. I’d hate Gene if I didn’t love him so much.

Any plans for you all in the future?

Grace: Well, I plan on chilling in happily ever after for a while.

Gene: Same here.

Warren: I’ll be busy making my name even bigger. Watch out for me in a sequel. Seriously.

Thank you Ninette, Grace, Marco, Gene, and Warren.  I appreciate you guys taking the time to do the interview for me.  I have to say, I am REALLY looking forward to finding out what actually happens in the book.  Seriously, Warren?  I really have to know what you did in order to think you deserve to have your own book.
Ninette is doing a promo for Just the Messenger. She’s giving away 3 eBook copies of Just the Messenger or a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Click HERE to be taken to the Promo & Giveaway post. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions to enter.


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  1. Thank you for having me on this tour! It's been a pleasure!


    (Commenting under my mommy blogger persona b/c in the middle of a project over there. LOL. Sorry!)

    1. Thank you Ninette. I can't wait to read Just the Messenger. Grace, Marco, Gene, and even Warren all sound interesting. I really can't wait to find out what part Warren plays in all of this.



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