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Review ~ SEDUCING THE PRINCESS by Diane Alberts

Seducing the Princess (Shillings Agency, #3)
by: Diane Alberts
Series: Shillings Agency
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 15, 2014
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled: Brazen

He'll give her exactly what she needs…
Protecting a princess is not what former marine Gordon Waybrook signed up for when he joined the Shillings Agency. But instead of the spoiled, regal little creature he expects, Isabelle VanGuard is a fiery, sexy-as hell woman who's been denied what she needs for too long. And he's just the man to break through her frozen public facade and give it to her.

When she's with Gordon, all Isabelle can think about is pleasure. Their blistering chemistry is immediate and intense, but volatile. In fact, the only thing they agree on is that their one night together is just that—one night. Even after it becomes more. But tempers and temptation can't disguise reality. Isabelle is a princess, and a hot, hard, and tattooed bodyguard isn't the Prince Charming her country expects…even if he's exactly what she needs.

As the only child of the King and Queen of Maldeva, Isabelle VanGuard has grown up knowing what was expected of her.  Simply put, she is expected to marry someone of her parents’ choosing and produce heirs to the throne.  This duty is what brings her to Maine and into the path of Gordon Waybrook.

Gordon is a former Marine, now working private security for Shillings Agency. His current assignment is to protect Princess Isabelle.  Immediately, Gordon is hating the assignment and has a preconceived idea of what Isabelle is like. Their attraction is immediate and Gordon soon discovers that first impressions are wrong.

When I first heard about Gordon, I wasn’t sure if I would like him.  But, oh my gosh.  He’s up there with Cooper Shillings and I have a serious thing for Cooper.  I found Gordon to be sweet.  Yeah, not something he would want to be called, but he is.  Gordon has a dirty mouth and likes to be in control, but it’s all good.  He’s loyal, insightful, and understanding.  He brings out the best in Isabelle and introduces her to life and having fun.

Isabelle and Gordon agree to a one-time sexcapade, but once just isn’t enough. Twice isn’t enough.  Three times isn’t enough.  You get where I’m going.  While the two think they are keeping things under wraps, to anyone paying attention, their feelings for one another are visible.  When their secret relationship hits the press, Isabelle’s reputation is put at risk and she risks losing the respect of her people.  Gordon steps in to do what is needed, proving just what kind of guy he is.  

Gordon Waybrook and Seducing the Princess are definitely in my top five favorite reads from Diane Alberts.

**Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 5

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