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REVIEW ~ Texas Redeemed by Isla Bennet

Ranch owner Valerie Jordan learned the hard way that people carve out their own destiny. She knows firsthand what can come of one night of unchecked attraction and lost inhibitions. And she also knows there’s only one way to handle guarded missionary doctor Peyton Turner: with caution. Thirteen years ago, they went from being friends to lovers to strangers. To save himself and outrun his past, Peyton disappeared. Now the prodigal son of Night Sky, Texas, is home—though he has no intention of staying. But once the revelation that he and Valerie share a troubled teenage daughter sends him on a hunt for answers, there’s no avoiding one another … no ignoring the undeniable desire that draws them together.
Texas Redeemed is a passionately written and emotionally gripping story of lust and risk, love and forgiveness, of confronting the damaging secrets of the past for a chance at redemption.


This book is quite refreshing in that the long lost bad boy/man comes home to find he impregnated his former best friend who admits immediately upon his return that the girl is his daughter.  Most books make you suffer through the woman hiding the fact that the child is her old lover's.  
Valerie is a single mother of twin girls, fathered by her former best friend growing up during a one night stand but who left town shortly thereafter, never knowing he impregnated her.  She didn't know she was pregnant either so never blamed him after he left town, never to be seen or heard again.  Until….
Peyton, the troubled bad boy from Night Sky, Texas left town at twenty-one after being smothered by his rich grandfather.  He has made a good life for himself by becoming a doctor and doing missions for Doctors Without Borders.  Never knowing that his former best friend was raising his daughters alone.
Peyton comes back to town after thirteen years due to his grandfather finally finding him and telling him he changed his will and needs to come home.  He decides after seeing Valerie and his daughter that Night Sky isn't so bad after all and decides to stay as he's very much in love with Valerie and wants to be a father to his daughter.
Peyton comes to terms with his alcoholic mother, overbearing grandfather, death of one of his twins and the love of his life, Valerie.  
This book is an all around good story that has all the elements of good and sad and happy all rolled into one.
Rating: 3.5
Release Date: May 28, 2013
Book Length: 404 pages
Source: Publisher, Montlake
Reviewed by: Julie
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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