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Review ~ PLAYING WITH FIRE by Alison Bliss

Playing with Fire (Tangled in Texas, #2)
by: Alison Bliss
Series: Tangled in Texas
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2015
Source: Entangled ~ Select via NetGalley

Nothing ignites a fire like the perfect match…

Anna Weber is every inch the proper librarian—old-fashioned, conservatively dressed right down to her tightly clipped flaming red hair. She's just moved to a small Texas town, and is determined to spend time with her friend before she has to disappear. Relationships aren’t easy for her. She knows too well what it means to be burned. And the last thing she ever wants to do is fall in love…

Especially not with a fireman who's hot enough to set the entire state of Texas on fire.

Cowboy can't resist the fiery little librarian, and he's determined to make her his. Beneath that prim-and-proper exterior is a woman he very much wants to know—if she'd let him. She'll test his patience. His control. Hell, his very sanity. And for the first time, Cowboy wonders if he's found the one fire he can't control...
Playing with Fire is the second book in Alison Bliss’ Tangled in Texas series.  Told in first person from the point of view of heroine, Anna Weber, it is a standalone read.  I will admit, I am not a fan of romances told in first person, especially when you only get one side.  I found myself desperately wanting to know what the hero was thinking.

Readers first got a glimpse of Cowboy in Rules of Protection.  When he stood up to one of his best friends to defend the heroine in that story, I was in love.  Cowboy is an easy-going, love ‘em and leave ‘em guy.  The only things he truly takes seriously are his job as a firefighter and taking care of his friends and family.

Anna Weber has recently moved to Liberty, Texas and has been hired as a librarian. Her intention is to only be in town for a few months and spend as much of that time as possible with one of her only friends, Bobbie Jo.  Anna is a fiery redhead who is strong-willed and determined.  She’s a survivor in every sense of the word.  However, Anna is running from her past, one she is desperately afraid will catch up with her before she can disappear.

Seeing Anna throws Cowboy for a loop.  Use to getting any woman he wants, he isn’t sure what to do with Anna who is constantly turning him down.  It’s been ten years since the two first met.  Ten years for Anna to have carried a major Cowboy crush.  But Cowboy seems to have no idea they met before.  The two usually find themselves bickering, with Cowboy usually walking away or laying on the charm.

When they finally do give into their desires, the heat level is about a 3 1/2 to 4 (a cold drink and fan is needed).  Not only do things heat up in the bedroom, but Anna’s run-ins with the town bullies do as well.  Anna’s past catches up with her. Her life as well as Cowboy’s is put on the line.

Playing with Fire is Alison’s second book.  I loved her debut book tremendously and didn’t think she could top it.  In fact, I was sure PWF was only a 4 star book until Alison kicked up the suspense.  The suspense with its twists and turns put this book over the top for me.  There were several “oh my gosh” moments that left me a little surprised. Alison has this ability to make you laugh when you least expect it thanks to the humor she puts into her books.  I have learned to never doubt Alison’s writing skills again.  I’m looking forward to returning to Liberty, Texas and the great characters who live there.

Rating: 5

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