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Review ~ LIGHT UP THE NIGHT by M.L. Buchman

Trisha O’Malley rebelled against her affluent family by joining the U.S. Army’s secret helicopter regiment, the 160th SOAR. Now a Chief Warrant Officer, she found her toughest fight yet in the pilot’s seat of an MH-6M attack helicopter.

William Wallace Bruce is an undercover CIA agent who doesn’t trust the military. But when the Horn of Africa is threatened by Somali pirates, Trisha flies out to recover ships and hostages…including one very ungrateful Will. Everything about Trisha triggers his mistrust: her elusive past, her wild energy, and her proclivity for flying past safety's edge. Even as the heat between them turns into passion's fire, Bill and Trisha must team up to confront their pasts and survive Somalia's pirate lords.


Light Up the Night was a very straight forward and entertaining book.  It gave a lot of technical information regarding several aspects of the military and its weaponry.  I felt thoroughly informed and was able to get a very good mental picture of everything that went on.  I applaud M.L. Buchman for taking the time to truly detail each and every mission.  Light Up the Night is the story of Navy Seal William “Bill” Bruce and SOAR helicopter pilot Patricia “Trisha” O’Malley.  Even though they are in different branches of the military, their lives become intertwined as they take part in operations to decrease the pirate activity in Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

There is a lot that goes on regarding Bill and Trisha.  They meet under dangerous conditions when Bill is inadvertently rescued by Trisha and her helicopter team while he is undercover in Somalia.  Although they get off on the wrong foot, they eventually become enamored with each other.  Of course, they both have baggage that plays a huge role in the direction of their relationship but we all know that they end up together.  It’s the journey that keeps things interesting.  Their journey takes them on some explosive missions rescuing hostages and annihilating pirates.  Generally, it’s expected that their emotions will play a negative role in the outcome of the missions but that’s not the case at all.  Instead, their relationship, their differences, and their baggage makes them better at what they do.  Clearly, they have their conflicts but they resolve them in a believable and rational manner.

I look forward to reading other books from this author.  I like the way that M.L. Buchman honors the military and shines a positive light on its servicemen and women.

Rating: 4

Release Date:  September 2, 2014
Book Length:  352 pages
Source: Publisher ~ Sourcebooks Casablanca
Reviewed by: Gemini
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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