Friday, June 27, 2014

Spotlight ~ HIS PARIS AFFAIR by Christina OW

Ruiz had enough of secrets and lies from the woman he loves. But what will she do when dangerous secrets and lies from his past invade thier present?

Ruiz Albury went to the Bahamas for one reason, to get back what was his as the rightful heir of his father with rage and resentment that has been festering for years. But once he gets there, he’s treated as part of a family, shown love and care he’d only dreamed about and all his carefully laid plans are forgotten. In fact, they are buried deep in his mind when he meets Melody Sinclair.

Melody Sinclair thought she’d found one of the good ones. She loved Ruiz and trusted him enough to make him a part of her life, only to have it shuttered when she finds out his secret. Heart broken and distraught, she gets drunk and decides to get over him by getting under someone else, only for it to turn out to be the worst mistake of her life. Trapped, with nowhere to turn, Ruiz sweeps in like a knight in shining armor ready to battle her dragon might not live long enough to see that happen.

“Stop!” Melody yelled, lowering her head to meet her raised hands to cover her ears. She couldn’t hear about what they could have had and the ‘what ifs’. She’d tormented herself enough with them and she couldn’t handle them coming from Ruiz. Either way it was pointless because she was never leaving Antonio.

He yanked her hands away from her ears and Melody raised her head meeting his gaze. “None of that matters anymore. It’s over and done with and now we have nothing, absolutely nothing between us so stop!”

“That’s where you are wrong,” he growled his head swooping low to capture her lips in a searing kiss with his own.

Melody felt a bust of emotion fill her at the contact, her body suddenly ravenous for one thing—Ruiz.

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Christina OW loves reading novels that take her on a ride of wild emotions. Books have always been an escape for her, for a few hours she gets to live the lives of characters she grows to cherish and admire. She's always had an active imagination and because of it has lived in her head more than she has been in the outside world. She always imagined scenarios and wondered how they would turn out in the end, and what kind of emotions they would invoke. Thus began her writing career.

Besides her twin sister, her pajamas are her best friend. She'd rather curl up on the couch with a good book than join the night life. Raised by a selfless mother who put up with the twins playing pranks all the time, Christina feels she owes her mother a lot and strives to make her proud every day.

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