Author Appearances

Note: This list only goes back to 2021. You will be able to find posts before that date by typing in the author’s name.

Nekesa Afia
- Dead Dead Girls Interview

Stacey Agdern
- Love and Latkes Hero Profile

Alyssa Alessi
- Meet the character (Izzy Hoffman is Not a Witch)

Deena Alexander
- Kidnapped in the Woods Interview

Ellie Alexander
- On Thin Icing Interview
- Meet the characters of the Bakeshop Mystery series
- A Crime of Passion Fruit Guest Post
- A Bakeshop Mystery series Protagonist Profile

C.W. Allen
- The Secret Benefits of Invisibility Guest Post
- Meet the characters of the Falinnheim Chronicles series

Meri Allen
- The Rocky Road to Ruin Interview

Paula Altenburg
- Hero Profile ~ The Rancher Takes a Family
- Hero Profile ~ The Rancher’s Secret Love
- Hero Profile ~ The Rancher’s Proposal
- The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby Heroine Profile

Amy Andrews
- Hero Profile ~ Mack Kennedy from No More Mr. Nice Guy
- Character Interview with Doyle Jackson from Ask Me Nicely
- The Trouble with Christmas Hero Profile
- You Had Me at Chocolate Hero Profile

Barbara Ankrum
- The Christmas Fix Up Heroine Profile

Janine Amesta
- Striking Gold Interview

Connie Archer
- A Roux of Revenge Interview
- Ladle to the Grave Interview

Michele Arris
- Above the Mistletoe Heroine Profile

Dianne Ascroft
- The Snow Job Character Interview

Lacey Baker
- Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing Interview

Darby Baham
- The Shoe Diaries Interview
- Bloom Where You’re Planted Interview

Deborah A. Bailey
- Metamorphosis Guest Post

Tessa Bailey
- Favorite Wedding Traditions

Ginny Baird
- The Christmas Cookie Shop Interview
- A Corner Church Christmas Interview
- An Unforgettable Christmas Interview

Lacey Baker
- Her Unexpected Match Interview

Vanessa Barneveld
- Under the Milky Way Guest Post

Karen Hulene Bartell
- Kissing Kin Guest Post
- Fox Tale Guest Post

Christi Barth
- It’s all about research
- Hero Profile ~ Brad Hudson from Love on the Boardwalk
- All for You Interview
- Back to Us (Character Surprises)
- Bad Boys Gone Good (It’s all about research)
- Bad for Her & Never Been Good Dreamcast
- Got it Bad Dreamcast
- Having it All Hero Profile
- The Magic of Christmas Interview

Angie Barrett
- Love Spells and Other Disasters (Guest Post)

Samanthe Beck
- Getting Lucky (Falling for the Marine)
- Favorite Wedding Tradition
- Compromising Her Position Interview
- Hero Profile ~ Beau Montgomery from Emergency Engagement

Chris Bedell
- Love Me, Please (Guest Post)

Melanie Bell
- Advice to Teenage Self (Chasing Harmony)

Robin Bielman
- Keeping Mr. Right Now Interview
- The Best Friend Bargain Interview
- Too Hard to Resist Interview
- Once Upon a Royal Christmas Hero Profile

Maggie Blackburn
- Meet Summer Merriweather (A Killer Romance)

Phoenix Blackwood
- The Love the Binds Us Guest Post
- The Family That Finds Us Guest Post

Marcy Blesy
- Dying to Go Character Interview

Claudia Blood
- Company Assassin Guest Post

Kelly Anne Blount
- I Hate You, Fuller James Guest Post
- In the Penalty Box (Hero Profile)
- In the Penalty Box (Heroine Profile)
- Gutter Girl Deleted Scene

Chandra Blomberg
- Digging Up Love Interview

Kris Bock
- The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas Hero Profile

Veronica Bond
- Death in Castle Dark Interview

Jennifer Bonds
- Risky Business and Misconceptions (Once Upon a Dare)
- Seducing the Fireman Interview

Bailey Booth
- Potluck and Poison Character Guest Post

Karen Booth
- Karen’s Interview with Christopher (Bring Me Back)
- Sam Blackwell Interview (A Bet with Benefits)
- A Christmas Rendezvous Heroine Profile
- A Bet with Benefits Character Interview
- Forbidden Lust Interview
- How to Fake a Wedding Date Interview

Jennifer Bonds
- Miles and Miles of You Heroine Profile

B.J. Bowen
- Ballistics at the Ballet Guest Post

K.L. Brody
- Get to know the characters (The Nick Before Christmas)

Allison Brook
- Death Overdue Character Interview
- Checked out for Murder Interview
- Dewey Decimated Interview
- Overdue or Die Character Interview

D.W. Brooks
- Homecoming Chaos Author Interview

Laura Brown
- A Perfect Mistake Interview

Adele Buck
- Method Acting Interview

Julia Buckley
- A Writer’s Apprentice Mystery Series Interview

Valerie Burns
- Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder Interview
- Murder on Tour Character Interview

Kelly Byrd
- Advice to Teenage Self (Great Big Ocean)

Kelly Cain
- A Tasty Dish Heroine Profile
- Tastes So Sweet Hero Profile

Austin S. Camacho
- Subtle Felonies Interview

Susan Carlisle
- A Daddy Sent by Santa Interview

Jayce Carter
- Top Ten Post Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies
- Hell Raising and Other Pastimes Guest Post

L.S. Case
- A Hundred Days Til Tomorrow Interview

Brittany Cherry
- The Wreckage of Us Interview
- The Mixtape Guest Post

Jennifer J. Chow
- Ill-Fated Fortune Character Interview

Donna Clancy
- Kilned at the Ceramic Character Interview

Peg Cochran
- Steamed to Death (Pina Colada Cake recipe)

Dani Collins
- The Wrong Heirs Duet Series Creation Idea
- Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet Interview
- Claiming His Christmas Wife Interview
- A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him Interview
- Beauty and His One-Night Baby Interview
- One Snowbound New Year’s Night Interview

Amanda Cooper
- Tempest in a Teapot Interview

C.L. Colyer
- Atticus Everheart Fifth Grade Tutor and Monster Hunter? Guest Post

Kerry Crisley
- The Summer of Georgie Guest Post

D.L. Croisette
- Ruby Red Hero Profile

Julie Cross
- Julie’s tips for surviving high school

Rebecca Crowley
- Shine a Light Hero Profile
- Two Nights to Forever Hero Profile
- Home for Hanukkah Hero Profile

T.A. Cruz
- Have You Seen Sarah Baker? Interview

Melissa Cutler
- A Commando’s First Impression (Tempted into Danger)
- Risky Business Interview
- Brandon Theroux Interview (Game Changer -Bomb Squad Series)
- One More Taste Interview

Louise Cypress
- Quick Fix Interview

Connie di Marco
- The Madness of Mercury Interview
- The Madness of Mercury Character Guest Post
- All Signs Point to Murder Guest Post
- Tail of the Dragon Interview
- Enter a Wizard Stage Left

Maria DiRico
- Character Interview Long Island Iced Tina
- The Witless Protection Program Character Interview

Avery Daniels
- First Bite Interview

Courtney Davis
- A Spider in the Garden Interview

Kim Davis
- Creation of The Sweet Treats Kingdom

Maddie Day
- Flipped for Murder Interview
- When the Grits Hit the Fan (Why Now?) Guest Post
- A Multi-Tasking Protagonist

Vicki Delany
- A Year-Round Christmas Protagonist Profile

Sonali Dev
- The Wedding Setup

Eva Devon
- The Spinster and the Rake Interview

Delaney Diamond
- Handsome Devil Guest Post

Leah Dobrinska
- Mayhem in Circulation Character Interview

Traci Douglass
- Finding Her Forever Family
- A Mistletoe Kiss for the Single Dad Hero Profile
- Neurosurgeon's Christmas to Remember Interview
- Single Dad’s Unexpected Reunion Interview

Brenda Drake
- Advice to her teenage self (Assassin of Truths)
- Seeking Fate Interview

Sarah Dressler
- Christmas Cove Guest Post

Pintip Dunn
- Remember Yesterday Interview
- Advice to teenage self (Seize Today Guest Post)
- Star-Crossed Interview

Jess Dylan
- Petals and Poison Interview

C.S. Edwards
- Love Potion #999 Guest Post

Christina Elle
- In Walked Trouble Interview

Quint Emm Ellis
- For Better & For Worse Interview

Janie Emaus
- The Time Traveling Matchmaker Hero Profile

Lindy Enns
- When Shadows Fall Interview

Karen Erickson
- Jane’s Gift Interview (Lone Pine Lakes #1)
- Tempting Cameron Inspiration (Lone Pine Lakes #2)

Jennifer Estep
- Tear Down the Throne Interview

Parker Fairchild
- Author Bio/Profile

Jennifer Faye
- Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire Interview
- A Seaside Bookshop Christmas Interview

Lisa Fellinger
- The Serendipity of Catastrophe Guest Post

Terry Korth Fischer
- Gone Before Guest Post

Monique Fisher
- Hot for Teacher Interview

Liz Flaherty
- A Soft Place to Fall Guest Post

Caroline Flarity
- The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter Guest Post

Zoey Forward
- Hero Profile (Total Eclipse of the Moon)

Nancy Fraser
- Return of the Runaway Bride Interview

Beth Fred
- Beth’s Advice to her teenage self

Erin Fulmer
- Cambion’s Blood (World Building)

Maggie Mae Gallagher
- The Fixer Upper Interview

K.A. Gandy
- Marked Guest Post

Katherine Garbera
- Texas Christmas Magic Hero Profile

Darci Garcia
- Megan’s Choice Guest Post

Ben Gartner
- People of the Sun Guest Post

Rosie Genova
- A Dish Best Served Cold Interview
- Minestrone Mischief Guest Post

Daryl Wood Gerber
- Recipe A Hint of Mischief
- Why I wrote a romance (Hope for the Holidays)

L.T. Getty
- The Mermaid and the Unicorns Guest Post

Pamela Gibson
- Scandal's Bride Interview

Seressia Glass
- The Love Con

Gloria J. Goldsmith
- French Kiss Interview

Nadine Gonzalez
- Scandal in the VIP Suite Interview

Tammy L. Grace
- Character Interview (Deadly Connection)

Janel Gradowski
- Interview
- Bananas & Mayhem Interview
- Staring leads to inspiration

Jennifer Gracen
- Holidays in Manhattan Hero Profile

Emmy Grayson
- His Billion-Dollar Takeover Temptation Guest Post
- A Cinderella for the Prince’s Revenge Guest Post

Lena Gregory
- Death at First Sight Interview
- Murder Made to Order Guest Post
- A Cold Brew Killing Character Interview
- Grave Consequences Guest Post
- A Waffle Lot of Murder Recipe
- Whole Latte Murder Character Interview
- Meet Danika Delaney from Murder a la Mode
- Meet Jake Barlow from Ground for Murder
- Double Scoop of Murder Character Interview
- Battered and Buried Author Interview

Julie Hamilton
- Just for Show Interview

Victoria Hamilton
- The Idea for Bowled Over
- Rules for Committing Murder
- Jaymie Leighton Guest Post (White Colander Crime)
- Muffin But Trouble Interview
- A Calculated Whisk Interview
- Sieve and Let Die Character Interview

Dana Hammer
- Meet Franny Fitzpatrick (Franny Fitzpatrick and the Brother Problem)

Polly Harris
- Swipe Right for Murder Interview

Livy Hart
- Talk Flirty to Me Interview

Betty Hechtman
- Killer Hooks Character Interview

Andria Henry
- Who Says You Can’t Go Home? Interview

Katya Hernandez
- Starseer Guest Post

Jody Holford
- More Than Friends Interview
- Hate to Love Him Interview
- Deadly Vows Interview
- More Than Friends Heroine Profile
- Home is Where the Body Is Meet the Characters
- Falling for the Holidays Hero Profile

Jane Holland
- Her Convenient Vow to the Billionaire

Jennifer Hoopes
- Her Cowboy’s Promise Interview
- Hero Profile (The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby)

Jude Hopkins
- Babe in the Woods Inspiration

Sarah Hualde
- Burned: Death Play with Matches Interview

Charlotte Hubbard
- Christmas Comes to Morning Star Guest Post

Dawn Husted
- Girl, Gone, Ghost Interview

Juliette Hyland
- A Stolen Kiss with the Midwife Interview
- A Nurse to Claim His Heart Interview
- The Prince’s One-Night Baby Heroine Profile

Maria Imbalzano
- Island Detour Guest Post

Tam DeRudder Jackson
- Sing for Me Interview
- Wild for Me Hero Profile

Denise Jaden
- Tragic Tuesday Character Interview

Victoria James
- New Year’s Resolutions
- Red River Series Interview
- Writing Emotional Scenes
- Hero Profile (Ben Matthews) The Firefighter’s Pretend Fiancée

- The Witches Prophecy Guest Post

Jenna Jaxon
- The Widow’s Christmas Surprise Guest Post

Sinclair Jayne
- The Christmas Blueprint Hero Profile

Dimitrius Jones
- Doorway to Scorn Guest Post

Kimberley B. Jones
- Our Friendship Matters Guest Post

Valona Jones
- In the Wick of Time Interview

Lydia Kang
- The November Girl Interview
- Toxic Interview

Melanie Karsak
- The Chancellor Fairy Tales Interview

Laura Kaye
- Favorite Wedding Traditions

Ainsley Keaton
- The Nantucket Beachfront Inn Guest Post

Diane Kelly
- Getaway with Murder Interview

Rose Kerr
- Death on the Set Character Guest Post

Lisa Kessler
- Light of the Spirit Interview

Joan Kilby
- Second Chance Dad Hero Profile

Nikki Kiley
- Renovated Heroine Profile

Dana King
- Off the Books Hero Profile

Kevin King
- Song of the Adoel Guest Post

Michelle Hillen Klump
- A Dash of Death Interview
- Murder Served Neat Recipe

Billie Kowalewski
- Our Lives in Between Guest Post

Dr. Rachel Kowert
- Tales from Cloud Canyon Guest Post

Geri Krotow
- A Santa Stabbing Heroine Profile

- Death Tango Guest Post

Benoit Lanteigne
- The Cyborg’s Crusade Guest Post

M. Laszlo
- On the Threshold Guest Post

Patricia Leavy
- The Location Shoot Guest Post

KaSonndra Leigh
- Hacienda Moon Interview

Sydney Leigh
- Peril in Pink Character Interview

Z. Lindsey
- The River Against the Sea Guest Post

C.R. Lindstrom
- Helluland Guest Post

Jodi Linton
- The Wilderness Trap Interview
- The Wilderness Trap Guest Post

Kathryn Long
- Snowed Under Murder Interview

Jack Lowe-Carbell
- Arlya Guest Post

T.C. LoTempio
- Death Steals the Spotlight Interview
- Meet Tiffany Austin (A Crust to Die For ~ Character Interview)
- Cats, Carats, and Killers Author Interview

V.H. Luis
- Waking to Black Interview

Tara Lush
- Eat, Pray, Hex Character Interview

C.B. Lyall
- Virus of Beauty Guest Post
- Virus of Beauty Series Guest Post

Kristine Lynn
- Brought Together by His Baby Interview

Lee Tobin McClain
- The Forever Farmhouse Interview

Yolanda McCarthy
- A Girl from Forever Guest Post

Annie McEwen
- Resort to Murder Character Interview

Marie McGrath
- The Fate of a Crush Guest Post

Leslie McKelvey
- Accidental Affair Interview
- Bear Bristol interview from Right Place, Right Time

Rebecca McKinnon
- Murder to My Ears Character Interview

Michelle McLean
- Hitched to the Gunslinger Hero Profile

Jo McNally
- Stealing Kisses in the Snow Interview

Shawndra McWhorter
- What They Want Us to Know Interview

Allie Mahoney
- Dame Alice Hits Hollywood Interview

Michelle Major
- The Front Porch Club Interview

Christina Mandelski
- Love and Other Secrets Guest Post
- Stuck with You Guest Post

Tif Marcelo
- It Takes Heart Guest Post

April Marcon
- The Gingerbread Curse Guest Post

Wendy S. Marcus
- Character interview with Brooke & Shane from Loving You is Easy
- All I Need Is You author interview
- Stargazer Hero Profile

Bernadette Marie
- Secret Admirer Pact Guest Post

Fiona Marsden
- A Country Christmas Heroine Profile

Celestine Martin
- Witchful Thinking Interview

Dave Maruszewski
- The Dark Beast Interview
- Malketh and the Undead Guest Post

Bella Mason
- Awakened by the Wild Billionaire Interview

Curtis Maynard
- The Ghost of Shantel Thompson Guest Post

Janice Maynard
- Bombshell for the Black Sheep Interview

Amy Patricia Meade
- Of Mushrooms and Matrimony Guest Post

Kate Meader
- The Hero in Pursuit (Feel the Heat)
- Top Five Irishmen (All Fired Up)
- Hot and Bothered Interview
- Top 5 funniest moments from the Hot in the Kitchen Series
- Flirting with Fire Interview
- Brody Kane Character Interview (Taking the Score)
- Irresistible You Interview

Katie Mettner
- Heroine/Hero Profile (A Christmas at Gingerbread Falls)
- Gumdrops and Garland Hero Profile

Marie Meyer
- Long Road Home Interview

Lydia Michaels
- (Interview) Shane & Kate from Simple Man

Henry Mitchell
- Among the Fallen Interview

Eden Monroe
- Sunrise Interrupted Guest Post

Jeannie Moon
- Weekend with Her Bachelor Hero Profile
- My Christmas Wish Hero Profile

Miel Moreland
- It Goes Like This Guest Post

S.M. Morgan
- The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper

Monica Murphy
- Saving It Guest Post

Sheryl Nantus
- Her Alpha Viking Interview
- Warrior Nights Guest Post

Robyn Neeley
- Falling for Mr. Wright Interview
- Falling for Mr. Wright Interview, Part 2
- Jingle Jammies Hero and Heroine Profile

Mike Nemeth
- Parker’s Choice Interview

Mila Nicks
- Black Witch Magic Interview

Molly O’Keefe
- Welcome to Bishop (Wild Child Guest Post)
- Burn Down the Night Interview

C.B. Oresky
- The Warlock’s Curse Interview

Branwen OShea
- The Chasm Guest Post

Randy Overbeck
- Cruel Lessons Interview

Mallory Pierce
- That’s the Spirit! Interview

Michelle M. Pillow
- Love Potions Interview

Allie Pleiter
- It Came Upon a Midnight Shear Character Guest Post

Jane Porter
- Not Christmas Without You Interview
- Montana Cowboy Miracle Heroine Profile

Christine Potter
- Gracie’s Time Interview
- The After Times Guest Post

Sunayna Prasad
- The New Enchantress Guest Post

Elizabeth Price
- Haunted Ends Creating a Series Guest Post


Carmen Radtke
- Meet Genie Darling from Genie and the Ghost

Hope Ramsay
- Five Places to visit in Last Chance
- Behind the book (A Christmas Bride)

Brooklyn Ray
- Full Moon in Leo Interview

Rosie Reed
- Murder at Magic Cakes Cafe Interview

Nan Reinhardt
- The Valentine Wager Interview
- The Fireman’s Christmas Wish Hero Profile

K.D. Richards
- Missing at Christmas Interview
- Character Interview (Christmas Data Breach)
- Shielding Her Son Interview

Lauren Rico
- Mischief and Mayhem Interview

Claudia Riess
- Introduction of Main Characters (To Kingdom Come)

Abbie Roads
- Saving Mercy Interview

Katee Robert
- Favorite Wedding Tradition
- Protecting Fate Interview
- His to Take Guest Post (Favorite couple from the Out of Uniform Series)

Karen Rock
- His Kind of Cowgirl Interview

Carole P. Roman
- Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex Guest Post

Christina Romeril
- The Nutcracker Nightmare Character Interview

Fern Ronay
- Better Believe It Guest Post

Leah and Kate Rooper
- Just One of the Royals Guest Post

Milly Rose
- Shy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires Guest Post

Ari Roscenschein
- Dr. Z and Matty Take Telegraph

Lynn Rush
- In the Penalty Box (Hero Profile)
- In the Penalty Box (Heroine Profile)
- Gutter Girl Deleted Scene

Aurora Russell
- The Au Pair and the Beast (Hero Profile)

James Ruvalcaba
- The Light Through the Pouring Rain Interview

Reese Ryan
- Making the First Move ~ Friends to Lovers
- His Holiday Gift Interview
- Heroine Profile ~ The Billionaire’s Legacy
- Hero Profile ~ Engaging the Enemy

Geoffrey Saign
- Magical Beast Series Guest Post

A.N. Sage
- A Grave Roast Interview
- Cafe Au Slay Guest Post

C.M. Sage
- Lost and Found Guest Post

Susan Sands
- Home to Cypress Bayou Interview
- A Bayou Christmas Heroine Profile

Mark Schreiber
- Amanda911 Guest Post

Shannyn Schroeder
- More Than This, the story of Ryan
- Keeping the Romance Fresh Guest Post (Something To Prove)
- Catch Your Breath Interview
- Just a Taste Interview
- Hold Me Close heroine inspired cookie recipe
- In Your Arms Interview
- My Forever Plus One Hero Profile
- In Too Deep Interview

S.L. Scott
- Along Came Charlie
- Good Vibrations Interview

Kate SeRine
- Grimm Consequences Guest Post

Zena Shapter
- When Dark Roots Hunt

Susan Scott Shelley
- Flirting on Ice Interview
- Hero Profile (Alec O’Meara Simmering Ice)

Jennifer Shirk
- Writing a Novella Guest Post
- Why I write clean-closed door romances
- Catch Him if You Can Interview

Mary Shotwell
- Christmas Catch Interview

Heidi Skarie
- Golden Cord of Light Guest Post

Cathy Skendrovich
- Undercover with the Nanny Interview

Naima Simone
- Naill Hunter Hero Profile (The Millionaire Makeover)
- Catching Up Interview
- Sin & Ink Interview
- Hero Profile ~ Blame it on the Billionaire
- Hero Profile ~ Trust Fund Fiancé
- Heated Guest Post

Candy Sloane
- Best Friends with Benefits Interview

Roxanne Snopek
- Resisting the Rancher Interview
- Cinderella Cowboy/The Millionaire Daddy Project Interview

Jennifer Snow
- An interview with Logan Walters from Falling for Leigh
- An Alaskan Christmas Heroine Profile
- A Lot Like Love Heroine Profile

Antony Soehner
- The Prince Interview

Sabrina Sol
- Delicious Complication Interview

Tracy Solheim
- Recipe for Disaster Interview

Leslie D. Soule
- The Fallenwood Chronicles Series Guest Post

Wendy Sparrow
- Hot Chocolate and Reading Go Together

Anna St. John
- Recipe (Clocked Out)

Yahrah St. John
- Consequences of Passion Interview
- A Game Between Friends Interview

River Starr
- Oath-Breaker: Angels of Death Guest Post

Sloane Steele
- It Takes a Thief Interview

Alex Stevens
- Stairway to Heaven Interview

Anna J. Stewart
- The Firefighter’s Thanksgiving Wish Interview
- The Mayor’s Suprise Baby Interview
- Exposed Guest Post

Leigh Stratton
- Realm of Ice and Shadow Guest Post

Kathy Strobos
- Partner Pursuit Interview

Maggie Thom
- Tainted Waters Interview
- Deceitful Truths Interview

Danielle Thorne
- The Doctor’s Christmas Dilemma Interview

Joyce Tremel
- Deadly to the Core Interview

Paige Tyler
- Hungry Like the Wolf SWAT Team Member Bio
- The SWAT World Creation


A.E. Valdez
- All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed Guest Post

Maria Vale
- Letter to Readers regarding The Last Wolf

Lara Van Hulzen
- Hannah’s Hope Heroine Profile
- Christmas Cakes and Kisses Hero Profile

Bonnie Vanak
- Her Secret Protector Character Interview

Sarah Vance-Tompkins
- On Christmas Tree Cover Hero Profile

Robert Vaughn
- Order of the Void Interview

Ross Victory
- Grandpa’s Cabin Interview

Pamela Vivian
- Low Sodium Cooking Recipe

Mark Waddell
- The Body in the Back Garden Interview

Julie Ann Walker
- Black Knight, Inc. Heroes
- Too Hard to Handle Interview

K.M. Warfield
- Shield and Scepter Guest Post

Nancy Warren
- Author Interview

Tracy Webber
- A dog’s best friend (Karma’s a Killer)
- Guest Post from Bella the Dog (A Pre-Meditated Murder)

Heather Weidner
- Sticks and Stones and a Bag of Bones Interview

Kirsten Weiss
- Legacy of the Witch Guest Post

Denise N. Wheatley
- Love at the Icicle Cafe Interview
- Love in Bloom Hero Profile
- The Heart-Shaped Murders Guest Post

Fortune Whelan
- My Christmas With You Heroine Profile

Ieshia Wiedlin
- Maybe This Christmas Heroine Profile
- Maybe This Christmas Hero Profile

Lela May Wight
- His Desert Bride by Demand Interview

Lauren Wilkinson
- A Scandal in Brooklyn Interview

Synithia Williams
- A Heart to Heal author & character interview
- Character Guest Post (New York Kind of Love)
- The Spirit of Second Chances Interview

Cindy R. Wilson
- Sting Playlist

Traci Wilton
- Mrs. Morris and the Wolfman Character Interview

Kaylene Winter
- Hero Profile (Hate Date)
- Flirt Alert Guest Post

Annie Wood
- Just a Girl in the Whirl Guest Post

Joss Wood
- The Twin Secret She Must Reveal

Sherryl Woods
- Author Interview (A Seaside Christmas)

Addie Woolridge
- The Checklist Guest Post

Lenora Worth
- A Nanny for Christmas
- The X-Mas Club Hero Profile


Cathy Yardley
- Gouda Friends Interview

Rebecca Yarros
- The Things We Leave Unfinished Interview

Samara Yew
- Murder by the Seashore Character Interview


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